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07-07-09, 15:14
In researching my father's Fräki ancestry, I thought the name ended in Finland and I would not find more than what was on Hiski. Recently I am finding bits and pieces of Fräki information from various sources, and I am discovering there is much more. My father's direct line is as follows:

1.Kenneth William Fräki b.21.11.1934 Dodgeville, Michigan, d. 22.5.2001 Calumet, Michigan (my father)

2.Waino Fräki b.16.4.1912 Hancock, Michigan, d. 3.7.1963 Laurium, Michigan married to Ina Miriam Kilpelä

3.Isaac Wiljam Aabramsson Fräki b.1.6.1874 Alatornio, d. 6.3.1926 in
Telluride, Colorado, married to Maria Johanna Henriksdotter Karppinen.

4.Aabram Iisaksson Fräki b.16.2.1842 Alatornio, d. 20.7.1899 Alatornio,
married to Sofia Kreeta Pehrsdotter Kuurunen.

5.Iisak Johansson Fräki b.13.7.1816 Alatornio, d.24.9.1895 Alatornio,
married to Saara Ulrica Aabramsdotter Revoniemi.

6.Johannes Iisaksson Kourilehto, Fräki b. 5.3.1784 Alatornio, d. 10.11.1844
Alatornio, married to Caisa (Carin) Johansdotter Liakka.

7.Iisak Olofsson Kourilehto, Fräki b.14.3.1755 Alatornio, d. 26.11.1817
Alatornio, married to Brita Ericsdotter Renholt.

8.Olof Johansson Kourilehto b.10.8.1724 Ylitornio, d. 30.3.1809
Alatornio, married to Malin Michaelsdotter Brusi.

9.Johan Varsamaa b.? d.?

I have so many questions about the Fräki name that I don't know where to start, so I will start with this first and then will make additional posts. Is anyone familiar with Erik Wahlber's Sukukirjaa? 2Fupload%2FDokument%2FBibliotek%2FNordkalottbiblio teket%2FSukukirja_f%C3%B6rteckning.pdf+erik+wahlbe rs+sukukirjaa&hl=en&gl=us

He makes references to the Fräki name as a Tornedalen family on both sides of the Torne River. Does anyone have access to this information in his research or know how I may contact him? Thank-you.

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