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Sandy Witt
14-12-03, 21:34
Hej Finlanders,

I can understand some of the following text from Gunnar Nybond's biography of Johan Erland Skogman, who was a pilot master, but there are several words and phrases that I can't understand completely.


i språkligt hänseende något rättad – Does this mean "linguistically somewhat correct"?

Farbror Karl och faster Maria fick utlösen kontant. Min far fick ett torp, som skulle motsvara 1/3 av 5/48 dels mantal av Skogman skattehemman nr 1 i Ömossa by. Nödiga hus skulle byggas gemensamt av timmer från hemmanets skog åt torparen. Endast boningsstugan köptes gemensamt från Geisor i Härkmeri med far som långtagare och med farbror i borgen som för gemensam skuld.


Some of this text appears to be related to legal terminology.

I appreciate any assistance that someone on the list can provide with this.

Sandy Johnson Witt

Gunnar Damström
14-12-03, 23:27
Minor linguistic editions.

Uncle Karl and aunt Maira were cash compensated (from the estate). My father got a croft, which was to correspond to 1/3 of a 5/48 mantal of Skogman Tax Estate No 1 in Ömossa village. It was agreed that necessary houses would be built for the crofter using timber from the estate forests. Only the residence building was mutually purchased from Geisor in Härkämeri, with father as the loan taker and uncle as the cosigner as for a mutual debt.

God Jul, Gunnar

Sandy Witt
14-12-03, 23:54
Thanks, Gunnar,

I was counting on someone who is fluent in Swedish and English to translate this.

And you did it so quickly. I certainly appreciate this.