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June Pelo
09-07-09, 21:34
I have this query from Vasa - don't know if he has enough info. to find them?

i hawe one Edvin Rönn born 3.7.1900 in Amerika, and i don´t know where in U.S.A. he was born and none idea about his parents? He died 9.2.1971 in Vasa, his wife was Margit Sundström born 26.11.1920 Pörtom died 25.3 2005 in Vasa, one of their chlidren was my classmate at the second grade 1952.
If you hawe some ideas where to find Edvins parents ower there, please tell me?
Best regards from a rainy Vasa! (Sorry for my bad English).

10-07-09, 05:10
You can see by this posting that I have an ancestor by the same surname.

I've not found out anything about them yet.

I know he came to the USA, but I have no idea what happened after that. Perhaps his children headed back to Finland.


June Pelo
10-07-09, 16:26
I asked him if he had any information at all about the family. He said no, but that the name could also have been Röj at one time. I have a lot of Röj names from Malax, but nothing matches.

Karen Douglas
12-07-09, 22:22
June and Ilmari:

I am unfamiliar with the name "Edvin Rönn," but I also have the Rönn surname in my family tree.

My great-grandmother was Katariina Lovisa Rönn of Korsholm. Five of her 9 children emigrated to Dollar Bay, Michigan in the early 1900s. This area was also like a second "home" to a lot of Swedes/Swede-Finns from Portom. So, I wonder if Edvin might have gone there. I plan to be at the State Library of Michigan sometime this week. I will check the City Directories for an "Edvin" Rönn.


June Pelo
13-07-09, 01:23
Thanks, Karen. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Åke in Finland said he doesn't know anything more about the family, other than what I posted. I have a couple Rönn names in my database from Korsholm and Vörå.

13-07-09, 01:25
I know a fellow, Frank.

I think his last name is Rönnqvist.

He used to live in Jakobstad.