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14-12-03, 22:24
I have received some information on my great grandfather. Does anyone have them in there trees?

Kalle Karlss. Wikki born 5.1.1879

Parents: Karl Johanss. Wikki, 12.4.1857-My great grandfather
Hedvig Mattsdr. Törölä, 12.12.1853 from Oulainen
marriage 22.10.1876

Other children: Juho 27.3.1877
Liisa Johanna 18.8.1781
Anna Aliina 23.9.1783

Parents of Karl Johanss. Wikki: Johan Anderss. Qvick or Alakangas
Anna Lisa Carlsdr. Kuusiradi 2.3.1828

Other children: Johan 4.9.1852
Maria Lisa 19.9.1854
Henrik 2.1.1860
Jakob 13.7.1862
Gretha 16.4.1864

Parents of Johan Anderss. Qvick: Anders Jöranss. Alakangas 1.2.1783
(birthplace is not Vihanti)
Maria Henriksdr. Lehtola 21.10.1792

Parents of Anna Lisa Carlsdr. Kuusiradi: Carl Jöranss. Flintta or
Kuusiradi, 7.11.1799
Anna Caisa Kuusiradi, 15.6.1804

Parents of Carl Jöranss. Flintta: Jöran Carlss. Luckaroinen, 5.3.1779
Maria Johansdr. Haapamaa, 25.5.1780

Parents of Jöran Carlss. Luckaroinen: Carl Jacobss. Luckaroinen or
or Peckala, 23.3.1753-3.7.1807
Maria Jöransdr. 14.12.1747-10.4.1806

Parents of Carl Jacobss. Luckaroinen: Jacob Jöranss. Luckaroinen,
Susanna Josephsdr. 21.9.1728

Parents of Anna Caisa Kuusiradi: Carin Henriksdr. Kuusenradi,

Parents of Carin Henriksdr. Kuusenradi: Henrik Thomass. Cuusirati,
Anna Jacobsdr. 1.10.1734

Parents of Maria Henriksdr. Lehtola: Henrik Zachariass. Lehtola