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June Pelo
05-08-09, 22:50
Marion Victoria Hagund - Hopcroft, b. 30 July 1924, Oscoda, Michigan, d. 26 July 2009, East Tawas, Michigan, daughter of Otto Alexander Ottosson Haglund and Alice Maria Alexandersdotter Wargstrom. She graduated from Oscoda High School in 1942 and married Robert John Hopcroft in 1948. They lived in Oscoda and after she retired from Michigan Bell they moved to Colorado. They returned to Michigan in 2004. She is survived by husband Robert, and children Ann Victoria of Calif.; Ellen Marie Merriken of Denver; Jane Elizabeth Whitford of Oscoda and Mary Kathryn Mertz of Oscoda, plus grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Marion, her sister Joyce and her sister Ann all died of cancer. Their brother Edwin died of Guillain-Barré Syndrome. One sister Natalie survives in Oscoda.