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13-08-09, 23:00
Searching for relatives still living in Finland related to Jacob Pollari and Ida Nordberg who migrated to USA about 1900 from Vaasa. Jacob and Ida lived in both Chisholm, Minnesota and Duluth, Minnesota about 1910. They had seven children, some born in Finland.

Joan Pollari Sanaker

June Pelo
14-08-09, 01:08
Can you be more specific about Pollari? There have been Pollari families in Vetil, and Kaustby, since the 1700s. So it may be possible to find a birth record for Jacob if you have a birth date for him - and a patronymic would help. The same info. would help concerning Ida.

14-08-09, 06:00
Thank you for your reply, June.

I have almost no information because my parents divorced when I was quite young and I don't remember my grandparents. What I have is that both Ida Louise Nordberg and Jacob Pollari were born about 1888 in Vaasa. And, my geography training is lacking because I don't know if Vaasa is a province, a county or a city.

They had seven or eight children. The names I have are Jacob, John, Harvey, Raaha (all born in Vaasa) and Eino William (my father), Rebecca and Rachel (twins) and Viola Mary born in the USA or Canada.

The only child born in Finland for whom I have a birth date is Raaha born 21 May 1909. I believe she was the fourth child and my father was the fifth child, born in Minnesota 26 March 1911. So the family must have migrated between those dates.

I will soon go to the LDS History Center here in Mesa, Arizona to see if they have anything. A ship's manifest might provide some clues for us.

Thank you so much for your interest.


14-08-09, 06:33
So, most of this you know. From the Migration Institute:

Last name Pollari
First names Jacob
Age or age group 4
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Chisholm
State of destination MN
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 147
Ship from Finland Arcturus
Date of departure from Finland 28.07.1909
Ship from England Victorian
Date of departure from England 06.08.1909
Ocean Line Allan Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 74/11
Remarks Mk Ida, Juho, Arvid ja Rauha Pollari.

14-08-09, 06:37
They were from Ylistaro

Their mother's passport with the children mentioned:

Last name Pollari

First names Ida Loviisa
Other names *
Date of birth . .1879
Marital status 2
Religion Lut.
Occupation Itsellisen vaimo
Home parish Ylistaro
Province VAA
Passport date 22.07.1909
Passport number 4508
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Amerikka
Passport issued by VAA
Remarks Sp 4 alaikäistä lasta.

14-08-09, 06:48
Maybe June can look at these names:

Lapua - Lappo - married

* Man's last name: POLLARI => Pollari, Pollari (?), Pollaris
* Wife's first name: IDA LOVIISA => Iida, Loviisa

Married 11 Oct 1902
Village Ylistarosta

Man Talonp. Jaakko Juhonp. Pollari
Wife Talont:r Iida Lovisa Jaakont:r Nordberg from farm Heikkilästä (p. 1279)

14-08-09, 06:55
Again, from HisKi.

Lapua - Lappo - christened

* Years 1875 - 1882
* Father's first name: JAKOB => Jacob
* Child's first name: IDA => Ida

Born...........Christened .Farm....Father............................ Mother
*30.1.1880....2.2.1880..Marttila.Torp. Jakob Jakobsson Ojala...hust. Kaisa Johansd:

Child: Ida Lovisa

Now, maybe June will have some folks in here database.

14-08-09, 12:21

Ida´s family from Lapua communion book 1889-98 p.1304
Alanurmo village, no 6 Heikkilä farm

Farmer Jaakko Eerikinpoika Nordberg b. 9.9.1841 Ylistaro (crossed over: Amerika)
wife Sanna Heikintytär b. 12.8.1839 Ylistaro
Maija Stiina b. 15.2.1874 Ylistaro
Iida Loviisa b. 9.9.1879 Ylistaro
Jaakko Erkki b.25.11.1883 Ylistaro
Reeta Sofiia b. 4.5.1870 Ylistaro

The family has moved to Lapua from Ylistaro 1886

On the same page, relationship to the above not mentioned:

Jaakko Oskari b. 16.10.1863. Has emigrated to America 14.1.1894
wife Stiina Matintytär b. 22.2.1862
Sanna Kaisa b. 23.9.1889
Jaakko Oskari b. 9.4.1893 d. 6.7.1893

Ida Lovisa b. 1880 in Lapua is not a member of this family.

I´ll try to find them and the Pollari family in Ylistaro later on. It is a bit difficult because the communion books are not indexed yet but let´s hope for the best.

Karen Norwillo
14-08-09, 17:37
Here's Ida's arrival in 1909 with the children. Going to husband Jakob in Chisholm, MN. Also found them in 1910 in Stuntz, St Louis, MN. Name wrong on Ancestry, but it's them. Lots of misspellings on census. I also sent these to your email. You'll see relative at home is Jaakko Nordberg in Lapua.

June Pelo
14-08-09, 21:54
Looks like you are getting a lot of info, but I just wanted to reply to your comment:
geography training is lacking because I don't know if Vaasa is a province, a county or a city.

Vasa is a city in the county of Vasa, so that includes lots of other cities and villages. I don't have your Jacob Pollari in my database, but I think someone will find data about him. Karen and Merja are good at digging up "stuff". :)

Karen Norwillo
15-08-09, 02:36
Here's Jacob's arrival in 1908. He arrived 19 Dec 1908 on the "Empress of Britain" from Liverpool to St John, NB Canada. He is bound for Superior, WI.
Also found on the MN Death Index an Eino W Pollari born 26 Mar 1911 and died 13 Oct 1975, Hennepin county, mmn Nordberg.
On Hiski Lapua is an entry for a marriage 11.10.1902 Ylistarosta talonp. Jaakko Juhonpk Pollari and talont:r Iida Jaakont:r Nordberg Heikkilästä farm p. 1279. This should be them. The other Iida wasn't born until 1901.

Karen Norwillo
15-08-09, 17:29
Here's another arrival for Ida and the children. Looks like she returned to Finland and then came back in 1915. She arrived in Canada and entered the US at International Falls. Says she was in US previously from 1909-1911 in Chisholm, MN which fits with the first info. Children's names differ somewhat. Instead of Thorvald, it's Toivo, and Elva is now Rauha. Ages same.
Father Jack Nordberg of Lapua given as contact in Finland.

15-08-09, 22:03
Just letting you know I have found Jacob´s family in Ylistaro church books but have trouble posting the information because the Forum logs me out after a couple of minutes every time.
I´ll try again tomorrow.
Merja (a very frustrated lady)

Karen Norwillo
15-08-09, 23:37
I found a listing in Canada for a Nellie Pallari in Ontario Deaths 1869-1947. She was born 1914 in Fort Frances to Jack Pallari and Ida Northberg. She died 2 Nov 1914 in Fort Frances, Rainy River District, Ontario, Canada. It wasn't reported until 4 Nov 1914, according to the doctors statement. I didn't find any others under Pollari or Pallari. I found that Fort Frances shares a common border with Minnesota.

16-08-09, 11:19
Let´s see if I am allowed to add an attachment. This should be Ida and Jacob in Lapua church book ´Kuulutetut 1900-09 p.35). It does record birthdates and residence.

16-08-09, 11:51
This is the Nordberg family in Lapua communion book 1889-98 p.1304.
Jaakko Oskari is probably the eldest of the children, already married with children of his own.

16-08-09, 12:08
The first image is Jacob´s birth record from Ylistaro birth records 1881, p.506. As you can see, the father has surname Kalvesmäki.
There is also images from Ylistaro communion book. The family first rented a farm in Kaukola village, Nyrhilä (communion book 1877-86 p.414). Surname (possibly farm name?) was Kalvesmäki which is also recorded when the family is living in the Pollari farm in Kaukola village (communion book 1877-86 p.570). After Jaakko´s father died, his mother moved with the children to her childhood home Malkamäki (communion book 1877-86 p.1170 and communion book 1887-96 p.1846). The other persons in Malkamäki page are Jaakko´s maternal great-grandfather and grandmother. The name of his grandfather is also recorded but he is deceased at the time.
You can also see from the records that all three of Jaakko´s siblings died before marrying.
Unfortunately some of the images are of poor quality. If you have trouble reading them, let me know!

Karen Norwillo
20-08-09, 18:57
With the new info you sent me, here is the family of Ida and Carl Tolo in Duluth. You'll see some of the Pollari (Ballari) children listed. On the second image is one of the daughters and her child. Looks like she is divorced. I did not find an Ida Tolo on the MN Death Records Index. I did find a Charles Tolo who died 29 Mar 1940 in St Louis county, MN. A Walter Tolo 12 Jul 1918-13 Nov 1902 Duluth and a Carl Ernest Tolo who died 15 Dec 1921. Found several births for Carl Arnold Tolo and his wife in the 50's. Don't know if that's their son.

20-08-09, 21:08
Thanks for all the research! You are wonderful. The funny thing about that census record with the daughter Alberta Charette and her child, Richard is that the census taker wrote down that he was a grand-daughter. My cousin will get a laugh out of that!


Karen Norwillo
20-08-09, 21:49
I know, I had to laugh at that also.
From the MN Birth and Death Records , I found these:
Carl Arnold Tolo born 15 Dec 1925 mmn Pollari
Charles Ernest Tolo 19 Jun 1921, died 15 Dec 1921 mmn Norberg
Walter Tolo born 12 Jul 1918 mmn Nordberg
These are all in St Louis county, MN

Karen Norwillo
12-09-09, 17:32
I don't know why on all the ship's manifests and census images Ida's year of birth always comes out to 1881, not 1879, unless she gave the wrong age. The manifests certainly appear to be the correct family. 1881 was her husband's year.

24-02-12, 07:30
Thanks so very much to all of you who have done research and posted here. My mother was ill and I was busy taking care of her so I did not come back to the forum for a couple of years. I am back now and ready to work hard to fill in the gaps in my family tree.

Joan Sanaker

03-03-12, 04:02
Hello Merja,

How can I get a copy of these records? I tried to print from the thumbnail but it did not work. Thanks.

Karen Norwillo
03-03-12, 16:37
First click on image to open and enlarge, then right click on that image and select "print." I printed it and it came out full-size.

03-03-12, 17:21
you can also save the image to your computer by right clicking and selecting Save Image As...