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17-12-03, 01:04
During a fire in the Migration Institute's facilities in Åbo part of their archive was destroyed.

The Helsingfors newspaper Helsingin Sanomat writes in their net edition (http://www.helsinginsanomat.fi/tuoreet/artikkeli/1071381468873) that:

"Siivessä on siirtolaisinstituutin toimitilat ja arkisto. Palomiehet ja instituutin työntekijät ovat onnistuneet kantamaan ainakin osan tavaroista_turvaan"

...is the office and archive of the Migration Institute, The firemen and the staff of the institute have succeeded in carrying at least part of the material into safety...

I guess the morning news will tell more.

17-12-03, 07:42
here in Swedish (

...Det materialet har till största del räddats, kunde institutets chef Olavi Koivukangas konstatera fem timmar efter att branden brutit ut...

ie. most of the material was saved according to the manager of the institute.

It is to be seen what has happened. How much did burn (http://www.utu.fi/erill/instmigr/img/Tulipalo_4.jpg) and how much was damaged of the original material by the water etc.

The database is nowadays hosted by Turun Yliopisto, the Finnish university in Åbo and wasn't affected.

17-12-03, 15:41
I think this type of news is one of the most difficult to hear for a genealogist! Thankfully, some was spared.

Tracy Boeldt
17-12-03, 19:17
My heart sunk when I read that there was a fire!! It's one of the things that puts fear into you. I'm glad to hear that some things were saved!