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June Pelo
18-08-09, 00:29
I think a while ago there was a query about Holmstrom - and I thought it concerned a family in Ludington, MI. I tried to search old mail for it, but couldn't find anything. I have an old photo of a Holmstrom family taken in Ludington - no identification so I don't know who they are. There were 2 Holmstrom families living there - they lived a block apart: one on Loomis St. and the other on Gaylord. One was Alexander Holmstrom, b. 1856, married to Maja Sofia Mattsdotter Borg and they had sons Alex, Oscar and Ernest. Does anyone know this family? I could send the photo if someone wants it. Now that I think about it, there was a query from Christian Dahlin about the Borg-Fröjdö family - they went to Ludington. I think Ida Fröjdö married Anders Borg, whose sister was the Maja Sofia Borg (above). This photo I have could possibly be Maja and husband Alexander Holmstrom. The photo shows a mother, father, grown daughter and 3 adult sons.

18-08-09, 22:44
There was mention in this thread: http://finlander.genealogia.fi/showpost.php?p=14871&postcount=74

June Pelo
19-08-09, 17:24
Thanks. Guess there's no one related to this Holmstrom family. Maybe I'll try to see if they have family in Finland who would want the picture..