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June Pelo
18-08-09, 17:17
Church weddings are most common among Finland's Swedes, especially in the diocese of Borgå, Uleåborg and Lappo, where over 70% of Evangelical Lutherans are married in a church. The least number of church weddings are in Helsingfors, under 56%, where 43% are civil weddings.

Last year there were more weddings than in the past three decades. There were 31,014 couples married. The reason for the increase may be that more unmarried couples who formerly lived together have decided to marry.

Each parish sets its own price for burial places. Burial places in Östnyland are more expensive in Borgå (210 euro for 25 years, 415 euro for 50 years), and least expensive in Strömfors (50 euro for 45 years).