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21-08-09, 07:22

My name is Joan Pollari Sanaker. My paternal family immigrated from Finland around 1909. Some settled in Minnesota and some went to Canada. I'm new to searching and dearly appreciate the tips and information provided by others.

I grew up in Minnesota and now live in Mesa, Arizona.



21-08-09, 14:24
Hi Joan,
Welcome to the Finlander Forum! :) I'm sure we all will be able to help you get a start on the road to your ancestry. Give us some more information on who your parents, grandparents, etc. were.
A couple sites to start with are http://hiski.genealogia.fi/historia/indexe.htm and

Best Regards,

21-08-09, 14:33
Sorry Joan,
I didn't realize you already had another post ongoing about your family! The only tip I have to offer is: have patience, read the instructions on the websites about using the site and how to get the best results for your search, don't ever be afraid to ask questions, and it will all come with experience and practice. :D

Best Regards,

P.S. And hopefully you will start entering all the information into a genealogical program and don't end up with mounds of notes and paperwork on your desk. There are many to choose from. The one I use is Brother's Keeper, but there are many to choose from. Family Search has a free one too.
http://www.familysearch.org/eng/default.asp (look on the right side middle of page PAF download)

13-07-10, 04:43
I have a new friend who is Finnish. She tried to join the Forum and was denied membership. The reason given was her e mail provider. She uses Cox which is a large media company here in Arizona. Can someone explain to me? Thank you.