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17-12-03, 19:17
Once again Christmas is round the corner...

Is there anything left of the Scandinavian Christmas traditions over there among the emigrant descendants anymore - I mean other than lutfisk...

Is Santa coming on Christmas Eve or has he started coming on Christmas Day's morning? Ham or turkey? Is Santa coming down the chimney or knocking at the door?

Do you have any christmas stress these last days before Eve?

05-01-04, 17:12
Probably it is not of much interest to you but the Orthodox Christmas will be celebrated the day after tomorrow (the 7th of January).

05-01-04, 18:01
I found your messages pertaining to observed celebrations quite interesting.

Sometimes we get so comfortable with our own traditions that we are surprised when we read of traditions of those in countries other than our own.

05-01-04, 19:40
Thanks, Kevin,

I know that there are some Orthodox people in the USA as well as in other countries.
I was always interested whether they observe the Orthodox religious holidays, or, like the rest of the population (or should I say "the most of the population"?) they follow the Catholic traditions?

Lucky people: they can do both!


06-01-04, 10:48
Hi Cooper and others!

My father was Ortodox and my mother Lutherian, so we had always traditions from "both sides". We celebrated for example on 24th of December, but the food was very "russian" because of our many russian ancestors.
I have myself very nice memories from those traditions from my childhood.


06-01-04, 17:10
Hi, Gunnel,

Thanks for the lead!
The Orthodox Christnas is near at hand, really.

They show the celebratng in Israel on TV today.

I will attach a file with the Russian New Year characters:
Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter the Snowgirl.