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Matti Kujala
06-09-09, 12:26
I am helping a cousin of a cousin find her roots in Toholampi. She recently discovered the names of her missing relatives to be Benjamin Mattsson Silfverberg and Efrida Erkintytär (Hietabacka?) I was able to find the marriage record in HisKi and to trace the Silvferberg line back one generation but I am not able to locate Elfrida nor her family anywhere. At the moment I have no time to visit the archives to view the Toholampi records so I am wondering if anyone might have this family in their own records. I have also found Kopsala. Kaattari and Kotila names.

from Hiski:
31.7.1869 Bd.s. Benj. Mattss: Silfverberg Inh.dr. Elfrida Eriksdr. Hietabacka

The Silfverberg line ends with Benjamin's parents married in 1821:
15.7.1821 Bd.s Matts Johss: Silfverberg Bd.dr. Anna Jördr. Kaattari

Benjamin and Elfrida had a daughter, Anna Gustaava, who was born in 1872 and died in 1933 in Red Lodge, Montana. She married a Karl (Savikallio?) Silver in 1894 in St. George, Maine. They lived in Troy New Hamphsire and then moved to Westford, Mass. and from there to Red Lodge in 1910. They had at least three children: Anna, Lillian and Elma.

The Savikallio surname for Karl is not fact and it is unclear as how the Silver name came about but it has been theorized that it came from that of his wife's name of Silfverberg.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Matti Kujala

Karen Norwillo
06-09-09, 19:14
I don't know if this is the Elfrida you seek but, on Family Search, I found a Elphrida Eriksson (Eriksdotter) born 29 Aug 1844 in Toholampi. Father: Erik Israelsson, mother: Anna Johansdotter. Using this, I went to Hiski and found a birth for an Erik, born 16.5.1812 to Israel Isaacsson Luoma and Susanna Simonsdotter.40-45 ..Erik. I also found another birth for Erik and Anna in Toholampi. 4.12.1845 Annala farm Erik Israels. and Anna Johansdr...Maria Mathilda. There is also a marriage 12.11.1843 Drg. Eric Isacsdr? Luoma and Bd. dr. Anna Johansdr. Annala. I don't understand the Isacsdr, but that's what it says. I'm not sure if this is the family. There is a Hietabacka farm in Toholampi parish. The birth for Erik was the only one I found with a patronymic of Israelsson.

Karen Norwillo
06-09-09, 19:46
On Digital Arkives, I found in Toholampi 1875 and 1880 on the Silfverberg farm, Benjamin and Elfrida. The years of birth support the 1844 birth for Elfrida and the 1834 birth of Benjamin to Matts Johansson and Anna Jöransdotter on 20 Nov 1834 as found on Hiski. The Annala farm was very close to the Silfverberg's. In 1875, you will find Benjamin and Elfrida on the right side next to his parents.

Karen Norwillo
06-09-09, 20:36
More births from Hiski;
21.8.1821 Matts Johanss. Silfverberg and Anna Jöransdr....Michael
14.3.1823 same parents...Johanna
21.10.1810 B. Israel Isacsson Luoma and Susanna Simonsdr...Anna Christina

15.7.1821 Bd.s. Matts Johanss. Silfverberg and Bd.dr. Anna Jöransdr. Käättäri
30.12.1809 Drg. nk. Israel Isacss. Jävälä and Ea.Värdin Susanna Simonsdr. Luoma. So it looks like Israel took the Luoma name.

3.3.1859 Erik Israels. Annala 46y.9m.17d. So Erik took the Annala name, born Luoma. This supports his 1812 birth.
25.4.1855 sytn. hu. Susanna Simonsdr. Luoma 89y.

I found one possible birth for Anna Jöransdr. 17.9.1798 on Lampiby farm, Göran Mattss. Kattari and Maria Eriksdr....Anna. All the others would be too late to be Benjamin's mother.

Matti Kujala
07-09-09, 19:21
Thank you very much Karen. This is exactly what I was looking for! I don't know how I missed seeing Elfrida in HisKi. I generally consider myself quite adept with HisKi. Guess I am a bit rusty. Where is this Digital Arkives you mentioned? I have access to another one here in Finland but it doesn't have Toholampi. I also had the same information for Anna Yrjöntytär for the same reasons. You have been a great help !! Kiitos!

Karen Norwillo
07-09-09, 21:49
The Digital Arkives is not the same as the FFHA. I see they don't have Toholampi or any of the Östrobothnia parishes yet. I will post the link for the archives for you later. All you do is click on "search", then I click on English and then type in the parish you're searching. It must be the Finnish spelling of the parish if there is one. It has family census rolls for various years, but you have to go through page by page . It helps if you know the village in the parish, but I've already searched through endless pages to find what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, not all years are available. The records won't be in English, but by choosing that option, the directions are.
I did not find Eldrida's birth on Hiski. Family Search is part of the LDS (Mormon)records. It just gave me a starting place, then I went to Hiski and the Archives.

The archives are Kansallisarkiston Digitaaliarkisto in case this doesn't work.