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Finn Fan
07-09-09, 01:47
My mother-in-law made a simple beef soup that she called "moiakka" (my guess at the spelling), with water as the base and a combination of potatoes, onion, and carrots. I'd like to learn more about this and other traditional Finnish recipes.
-- A fan of Wisconsin Finns

07-09-09, 06:31
There are currently a couple of good books on ebay.

Just search "Finnish recipe".

The Beatrice Ojakangas book is full of old style recipes. I have it and like it very much.

The word is "Mojakka" but pronounced like you wrote. It is not a word used much today I think, except for among us "new world" folks.

Here is one online recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Finnish-Style-Mojakka/Detail.aspx

Do some searches here and there are lots of different recipes for all kinds of goodies [and some not so good].

Have fun.

Probably some people will write in here and give you some good recipes.