View Full Version : Does Finnish and Nordic media quote American media wrong??

15-09-09, 22:58
People in Finland has these days heard that Americans compare our health care system - and as it seems our political system - with Stalin's gulags and that the system over here is "socialism", "communism" etc. - also "facism" was said in speaches that were shown in different Finnish and Nordic media from USA.

Thus some Americans say that Finland and our health care is a gulag -like system???

In personal discussions I have noticed that also many other in Finland are offended by these political statements, which have been expressed by senators and congressmen, ie. by the official America in speaches for the crowds and in interviews for the media. This information is also spread using the internet and different noise machine -mechanism and thus Finland and our system, our health care system is in a really, really wrongful way connected to the "gulags" of the Stalin era, getting labelled communism and facism in milloins of web pages relaying the lies as being the truth.

I have tried to be politically neutral on Finlander and still will try to be so in the future. But - when lies and accusations of this kind is distributed as truth I cannot be silent and feel that it is my obligation to express my feelings of insult! If you get offended by this - sorry - I was there first!

Get your act together and stop accusing directly or indirectly Finland as being communist, socialist and facist. At the same time America is communicating that each and everyone of us living in Finland as being facist, communist, living in Stalin's gulags and all the other nasty lies.

Nothing is further from the truth!

If your congressmen or senators preach these lies please inform them about the truth and the situation over here. Being silent is admitting and being of the same opinion as the liars - isn't it?

I personally feel utterly offended by the news we get from the US depicting our health care system and system in general.

I will close this message thread directly after posting it since I don't want anybody to answer or comment this message here or in other threads. I want no political mud throwing but feel that I have to get my deepest protest through to you all who live the American dream and especially to those of you who for some reason spread those offending lies.

Wake up!