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17-09-09, 20:34
Seeking information of Alexandra Amalia Pohjonen. Born in 09.10.1851 Kälviä. Death at the age of 40 after giving a birth to a child 15.04.1892 somewhere in USA. No information of the baby, did she/he survive or not. Alexandras's birthday could also have been 14.9.1850, there is some confusion in Kälviä church registers. Her surname could also been Erickson, but that is not presumable.

Her mother was Riitta Johanna Johansdr Riihimäki, also from Kälviä. Father Abram Mattson Pohjonen. Born in 29.10.1816 Kälviä, died in 12.12.1878 Kälviä. Alexandra was an illegitimate child.

Aleksandra got 9.5.1890 a passaport to USA and with her travelled her son who was born in 1885. The son was obviously born in Kälviä, even though his birth markings are missing. After Alexandra's death there was no information of the boy who was 7 years old at that time.

Could someone find the information of Alexandra's death, where did she die? And the most important question - what was her son's name and what happened to him? Son's uncle's descendants live in USA, mainly in Oregon. They would appreciate this information a lot.


19-03-10, 11:38
... I renew this search.

This person is still missing - could someone help me?

-Solja :confused:

Karen Norwillo
19-03-10, 17:28
Where did you find the passport info? She's not on the Migration Institute that I see. I did find an Alexandra Pohjonen arriving to NY 13 Jul 1886 on the "Fulda" from Stockholm. She is alone. Age 35, abt 1851. I don't find her under Erickson anywhere on 1890 manifests. If son born 1885, he would have been 5 in 1890. Unfortunately, no destinations on these early manifests. There were many Pohjonen in MN.

20-03-10, 17:01

I guess she has found that information in Uuno Huhtala's book about emigrants of Kälviä; one of the sources is Passport archive of Vaasa province.

21-03-10, 11:35
Yes, that is the source, Emigrants of Kälviä -book.