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19-09-09, 07:00
Can anyone give me further information on a place named Stora Fräki, Norbotten, Sweden? Something that may have the history of the area? or people in the area?


19-09-09, 07:23
You can try here: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=sv&u=http://hem.passagen.se/kuoksu/Olkkuri1539-1930.htm&ei=JWq0Ss3SI5L6sgOYtN3RDA&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=5&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dstora%2Bfraki%2Bnorrbotten%2Bhistoria %26hl%3Den

I'm assuming more of a name or a farm name vs a place.

Perhaps it is just an issue of the wrong spelling of Norrbotten.

June Pelo
19-09-09, 19:50
Have you had any contact with Rob in this message? Maybe he knows something about the place in Norrbotten. He mentions Fraki in New York Mills - that's in Minn. I think.

From: rob710*juno.com
Subject: [SWEDEN] Isaac Fraki found related to the other NYM Fraki's
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 18:12:20 -0400

I belive Karen found Isaac a few messages back but I wasent seeing him
thought forest of Isaac's and Fraki's I think he fits right in the family with the other New York mills Fraki's This was found by Solveig
Isaak born Dec 2nd and chr. Dec 6th 1854 in the village Kakkula, Karl
Gustav parish, Norrbotten.

Bonden =the farmer Isaak Isaaksson Fräki and Brita Cajsa Henriksdotter, 39y
The date is the 2 not the 17th but its in dec. I still belive its him Genline
1982.24.33500, [Norrbotten] Karl Gustav, C.2, Födde,Dop, 1825 - 1861,
0-0, Bild 135 av 181
This was found by Karen It matches the church book that Solveig found
GID:1982.13.84700 Isaac born Apr 19,1815 to Isaac Henricsson Fräki and
Brita Cajsa Ersdotter in Kukkola.
GID: 1982.5.26600 Fräki, Kukkola, K G
Isak ?Henricsson 1769
Brita Cajsa Ersdotter 1779, married 1800, widowed 1841
Isak Isaksson 1815
Maria Ersdotter 1814, married 1838, died 1844
Johan Petter 1837 14/4, died Jan 1839
Eric 1839 5/4
Brita Caisa Henrksdotter 1815, married Isak Isaksson in 1845 22/12 after
Maria died
Eva Greta 1845 13/12 found in another roll as Eva Margareta
Maria Catharina 1846 17/11 or 27/11
Isak 1848 3/3, notation died *
Eric Isaksson 1818 13/1
Eva ? 1825 13/3
Isak 1848 23/5
*next household roll has two more children for Isak and Brita Caisa
Josephina 1849 20/6
Isak 1854 2/12
Denise this is the one you found that I didnt know who to put it with
Maria Caisa Fräki Carl Gustav 27.11.1846 Isak Isaksson Fraki Brita Caisa
In my files I had Isaak Fraki 1815 with son Erik Fraki born 1839 but no
wife.So when I put all these pieces in the right place Isaac is Erik's
brother.An Uncle to Johan "Peter" Fraki of Otter tail and cousin
Johan"John" Erik Fraki of Ottertail

21-09-09, 02:09
Hi June,
Robin is my cousin...I do have the info. Karen posted, and actually just went back to that post a few days ago as I had never entered that information she found in my database. I must have gotten busy and never finished that task until a few days ago! :o Thanks again, Karen! and thank-you June for all of your help. It is much appreciated.

Best Regards,

21-09-09, 02:15
Hi Ilmari,
Thank-you for the link which I do have, but never seem to have the time to read the whole thing, which I am now doing. I've written to Erik Kuoksu about my family. He surely has a great amount of information of the people in the area I am searching for.

I appreciate your help...thank-you again.

Best Regards,