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19-09-09, 20:12
I search for parents to Svea Margareta Cederström born 24 dec 1924 in Ytterjeppo Nykarleby lfs and died 19 jan 1976 in Lappfjärd,He was married with Josef Hilding Dahl from Lappfjärd
I´m also search for parents to Carl Johansson Nybonde born 30 march 1930 in Socklot and died 16 jan 1894 in Ytterjeppo Drakas farm.He married Sanna Larsdotter Harald born 11 september 1831 at Socklot Nikonen and died 19 may 1894 Ytterjeppo Drakas,

Karen Norwillo
20-09-09, 16:30
Assuming you meant 1830 for Carl Johansson Nybonde, from Hiski, Nykarleby,
30.03.1830 Socklot, Nybonde farm, Johan Jacobsson and Greta Mattsdotter 39...Carl
11.09.1831 Socklot, Nykonen farm, Lars Henrik Jac;ss and Anna Caisa Ersdotter 26...Sanna

Karen Norwillo
21-09-09, 02:07
24.02.1828 Socklot Bd:s Lars Henrik Jacobsson Raij married Bd:r Anna Caisa Eriksdr. Nykonen.

Other children born to them:
1.7.1828 Caisa Greta(died 27.7.1828 ) 16.3.1836 Anna Lovisa
4.7.1829 Anna Maja 10.9.1837 Greta Lisa
4.9.1830 Jacob 20.9.1839 Anna Sofia
11.9.1831 Sanna 16.2.1844 Johan Erik
3.5.1833 Maja 31.8.1847 Henrik Gustaf

All born in Nykarleby, Soklot

Karen Norwillo
21-09-09, 19:24
Here is a marriage that may be the correct parents for Carl.
10.12.1809 Soklot Bd:s Johan Jacobss. Nybond and Bd:dr Greta Mattsdotter Yrjäs Nisula. As she was already 39 when Carl was born, it could be.
3.8.1790 Lillsoklot Yrjäs Matts Andersson and Maria Elia:dr..Margeta
31.10.1785 Lillsoclot Nybonde Jakob Andersson and (no first name) Joh:dr...Johan
other births for these parents show mother's name Elsa Johansdotter. 2.11.1784 Christina, 5.4.1787 Anders.
Other births for Johan and Greta
2.8.1810 Lillsoklot Nybond Johan Jakobsson and Greta Mattsdr....Jakob
30.5.1811 Soklot Nybond ..Matts
23.7. 1812 ..Johan
27.5.1814 ..Jakob
17.8.1816 ..Maja Stina
22.12.1818 ..Anders
1.4.1822 ..Greta Lisa
30.3.1830 ..Carl
All same place, same parents.