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19-09-09, 22:02
Thanks to a suggestion from JDKotila, I was able to find my ancestors in the Finnish National Archives:


The family appears on the number 18 entry. I would appreciate someone's interpretation of the names and other information contained in that entry including the names and ages. What is the significance of the name Husiniemi (spelling?) at the top left of the page?

Do instructions exist somewhere to describe and translate what data fields are contained in this record?

I'm really excited to finally connect my family records and US records to Finnish records!

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Ritva Winter
20-09-09, 09:32
Translation to a certain extent:

Census Pyhäjärvi parish, Haapajärvi district or 'hundred', Oulu/Uleåborg county 1880. Village Husiniemi
Wänni, Kaleb Andersson born (18)22, wife Johana born 43
children Hedda born 62, Matts born 62
farmhand Zachris Wäntönen (Wäntinen?) born 52
border Henrik Hankonen born 52

Mantal = assesment unit of land (Hist), hide (Br Engl)
Mantalspenning = tax on land
Betalande = number of taxpayers
Mantalspenningar här icke påförda = non tax-payers
Över- och underåriga = old and underaged
Personer som försörjer sig .... jordbruk... = Number of persons who support themselves ..... farming.............
Personer som hos andra .. = employed

20-09-09, 16:41
This is exactly what I needed to make more progress in the Finnish records!

June Pelo
20-09-09, 17:18
Here's a word list with Finnish, Swedish and English translations.

Here's more Swedish/English words:

20-09-09, 22:46

I don't know if it is a false positive or not, but the "fortune city" link comes up as a Reported Attack Site.:eek:

June Pelo
20-09-09, 23:01
I've opened it 3 times today with no problems or warnings. I've used it many years and never had a problem with it.

21-09-09, 01:01
Regarding Ilmari's remark about the "fortune city" link. I also got the same message he did...REPORTED ATTACK SITE.


June Pelo
21-09-09, 15:30
There are other websites - try this one, it's tried and true: