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25-09-09, 20:21
Can anyone help or recommend how I can get these translated? Thanks in advance. Michelle Johnson

Mrs Tilda Johnson 436 W Russ st Eureka Calif. USA önskas god jul och gott nytt år av Alvina o. Gustav Sund Bygdeå Sverige.

God jul och gott nytt år tillönskas Signe och Gördis Sundell 436 W Russ st Eureka Calif., Mrs Tilda Johnson 436 W Russ st Eureka Calif., fam. Harald Johnson 214 40th ave San Mateo Calif., fam. Nestor Johnson 68 Liebig st San Francisco Calif. av familjerna Maria Lax, Ida Frants, Johannnes Näsman, Alfred, Harald och Georg Nygård och Julius Hedqvist Koskö Kvevlax.

25-09-09, 20:43
Hi Michelle,
Using google translate tool this is what it translated to:
Best Regards,
Denise :)

Mrs. Tilda Johnson 436 W Russ pc Eureka Calif. U.S. wishes Merry Christmas and happy new year by Alvina o. Gustav Straits Bygdeå Sweden.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to wish Signe and Gördis Sundell 436 W Russ pc Eureka Calif., Mrs. Tilda Johnson 436 W Russ pc Eureka Calif., Fam. Harald Johnson 214 40th Ave San Mateo Calif., Fam. Nestor Johnson 68 Liebig st San Francisco, Calif.. the families of Mary Salmon, Ida Frants, john Näsman, Alfred, George and Harald Nygård and Julius Hedqvist Kvevlax COW-HEEL.
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26-09-09, 00:07
o. = and
COW-HEEL should not be translated from Koskö, a village name in Korsholm / Mustasaari.


Or a roughly translated version of that home page:


26-09-09, 02:09
Gotta love that Google Translation Tool! Kind of like having a comedian at your fingertips! :D


26-09-09, 02:12
Very true. I've gotten some very entertaining results.

For lack of anything else, it really is quite helpful as long as one is aware of it's shortcomings.

Swedish translated into English is much better than the Finnish translated into English too.

I think it really is "cow heel" but I don't think it is thought of that way.

01-10-09, 10:25
If you remove the dots i ö and write kosko then ko is cow and sko is shoe. Swedish name for heel is häl so google is in the correct part of a body :)

09-10-09, 11:15
Koskö is probably a mishmash of Finnish and Swedish: Finnish koski, meaning ford and Swedish ö, meaning island. Thus Koskö = Ford Island.

And then I could be wrong of course:)