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June Pelo
30-09-09, 23:10
I'm trying to help someone find relatives who emigrated to America. They were siblings of her grandmother Anna Sofia Henriksdotter Lukus-Nyström, born in Nykarleby - and she doesn't have much info:

Johannes, f. 7.11.1863 till Alaska?
Petter Alexander, f. 21.10.1869, d. 1899 i Austin Amerika?
Maria, f. 27. 11.1872, gift Hugo R. Schultz från Vasa. Maria död i Amerika.
Johanna, f. 4.7.1877, d. 4.5.1905, i Amerika, har fotografier där det står Cicago.

I told her I'd give it a try..

01-10-09, 18:51
In the 1910 census, Hugo and Mary Schultz were living in Chicago and had the following children: Saimi, Edwin, Florence, Ina, Enoch, Hannah, George, Alice, and Alvera. In the 1920 census, Florence (21), Ina (20), George (14), and Edwin (24) are living in the Seattle area. The parents have disappeared. Anyone know what happened to these children?

04-03-10, 15:57
I've found Johannes. He settled in Chicago under the name of John Newman. John had two sons:

1. John Henry b. 1890 in Chicago. (Married to Louise) John Henry had two children, John Henry (1915) and Ethel (1919).

2. Warner R. (or Walter/Werner/Warren) b. 1894. (Married to Anna) Warner had at least on child, Warren, b. about 1925.

They seem to have remained in the Chicago area, at least through the 1940s. Does anyone know what happened to them after that?