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D J Granlund
02-10-09, 16:21
I am trying to find information about Anna in Finland. I have all of the data from the 1910, 20 and 30 US censuses. I am pretty sure she was born 31 Oct 1880 and died 7 Nov 1955. I believe she arrived in NY 8 Nov 1902 on the Umbria. The ship manifest states she is going to an aunt Emilia Pyhäluoto in Painesville, Ohio. She married Antti Mattila in Minnesota around 1904. Hiski and FFHA have not been helpful. I would appreciate anyone with access to the Institute of Migration checking for passport and other info on her. Thank you in advance for your help. David

02-10-09, 19:37
This may be the Anna Nivala you are searching for.

Best Regards,

Detailed passport information
Last name Nivala
First names Anna
Other names *
Date of birth . .1880
Marital status *
Religion *
Occupation Palvelija
Home parish Merijärvi
Province OU
Passport date 16.10.1902
Passport number 1675
Passport valid (year:month) 5:0
Destination Amerikka
Passport issued by OU
Remarks *

Detailed passenger information
Last name Nivala
First names Anna
Age or age group 22
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Painesville
State of destination OH
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket USD 41
Ship from Finland Arcturus
Date of departure from Finland 25.10.1902
Ship from England Umbria
Date of departure from England 01.11.1902
Ocean Line Cunard Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 29/29
Remarks Hinta!

D J Granlund
03-10-09, 01:34

Thank you for the data! This looks like a 100% match. Now I have to figure how to proceed from here but it is a giant step forward. Best regards, David

D J Granlund
06-10-09, 16:35
Dose anyone have access to the records for Merijävi. Anna was born 31 Oct 1880 and the records available on line stop in 1850. From her ship's manifest it is known she was going to her aunt Emilia Pyhäluoto in Painesville, Ohio. I have no idea if Emilia was on the mothers side or on the fathers side. Further, I do not know if that is her maden name or married name. I have been unsuccessful in finding Emilia in the US.

Karen Norwillo
06-10-09, 17:11
Here is the Nivala family in 1880, probably before Anna was born. It is from Pirttimäki, Merijärvi. It was the only Nivala family I found. Archives records stop at 1880. I cropped the Nivala section. Note there is a Pyhälä. just above.

D J Granlund
06-10-09, 22:37

Thank you so much for the information. I had little hope of this much success. This is absolutely wonderful and the people I am helping will be overjoyed by this turn of events. Now if I can only find the home parish of her husband Antti Mattila, but that's another thread. David

D J Granlund
06-10-09, 23:52

Would it be possible for you to send me the 2 pictures in Jpeg? I am having some difficulty handling them in the present format. Thanks. David

07-10-09, 04:11
Hi DJ,
I have a Antti Mattila in my database born in Rantsila 16 May 1885 with no known spouse, parents: Antti Aaponpoikä Mattila b. 1 Feb 1852 Rantsila and Stina Erkintytär Haataja b. 10 Jan 1849 Säräisniemi. I'm sure there are many Antti Mattila's but when I looked through my data and found this I thought I would post it anyway, as Rantsila and Merajärvi are close to each other. I can email you what I have. Private message your email address to me.

Best Regards,

Karen Norwillo
07-10-09, 20:43
The two images are in jpeg. PM me with your email address and I'll send them to you. Karen

D J Granlund
08-10-09, 14:58
I have microsoft photoimage and at first the program said it did not recognise the format. When I dragged and dropped the images into the open program I was able to enhance them to be able make them out. However, would you be so kind as to tell me what I am looking at and what the page says about Nivala. I assume the 5 lines refer to the family but this is my first look at a Mantalslängd and it is incomprehensible to my feeble mind. Thank you again, David.

Karen Norwillo
08-10-09, 17:31
I found the 1855-1874 Merijärvi Rippikirja on Digiarkisto and there are 3 pages of Nivala. These images seem to be clearer. These are church rolls and the mantalslängd are primarily taxation rolls. I'm not clear on all the columns in tax rolls. I believe it tells # of farm, how it is broken down by size, number of adult males and females, number of underage males and females, total males/females, any exempted from taxes due to age or illness. Much better info on the church rolls.
here is the site for the Arkives. http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/index_eng.htm
They are images 171-173 under Merijärvi 1855-1874 click on Church Records, then Merijärvi, then rippikirja 1855-1874, images on second page of info 101-199

D J Granlund
08-10-09, 18:04
Thank you Karen. I had found these page on FFHA. The tax/census lists many people in the five lines under Nivala number 14. For some I have been able to find marriages and children. Obviously they are different families on the "Nivala farm" or "Pirttimäki farm", which is number 10 in Merijävi in the rippikirja. Since I have not been able to see Anna Mary b 31Oct1880 with any of her family in a group I don't know which of the 4 families listed on pages 171, 172 and 173 is the correct one. Do you know any way to back into this?

D J Granlund
08-10-09, 18:10
I wanted to ask about your comment that there is a Pyhälä listed just above the Nivala in the tax/census. Does this tie into the entry in the ships manifest that Anna Mary is going to her aunt Emila Pyhäluoto in Painesville Ohio? Pyhälä-Pyhäluoto am I missing something??

Karen Norwillo
09-10-09, 17:05
Sorry for the confusion. Guess the similarity in names made me wonder. I see on Hiski, most of the Pyhäluoto names are found in Pyhäjoki, a neighbor to Merijärvi. I found Pyhäluoto names on ancestry in CA and MN. None in OH. No Emilia. Hard to tell if it was her married name or surname. As an aunt, she could be a Nivala or anything else if she was Anna's mother's sister. She's not found as such on Emigrant Register.

D J Granlund
16-10-09, 15:34
To all that have been so kind to assist and attempt to assist me in finding the parents of Anna, Thank You! I can report today that happily the mystery was solved yesterday by Eric from Missouri. Her father was Eric Sigfrid Nilsson Nivala Ponnikas and her mother was Eeva Jonasdr Tähjänjoki.

Sadly I still have made no progress in finding info about Anna's husband Antti Mattila from Evijärvi.

Karen Norwillo
16-10-09, 18:10
I don't know how much you have on the family once they came to the US, so if you have this, I apologize. I found the family in Lakeview township, Carlton county, MN. In 1910, there was Antti 33 US 1890, Anna US 1892, Milia A (Emilia) 4, Wilho W and Antti A, all born MN. With them is her brother Robert Nivala 25 US 1892. Antti is a farmer.
In 1920, same place, they have expanded the family. Andrew 44 US 1891, Mary 39 US 1892, Emilia 14, William W 12, Andrew A 10, Jennie M 8 4/12, Fannie A 6 7/12, Robert A 5 8/12, John H 3 5/12, and Hilda E 6/12.
On the same image is her brother Robert and wife Alina and their family. WWI Draft Card shows Robert Nivala born 24 Oct 1884.

D J Granlund
16-10-09, 19:25
Thank you Karen. As I first stated, I had all the stateside information from 1910,1920 and 1930. The missing link to Finland were her parents and I had some firm guesses and Eric confirmed them yesterday. Now if I could just find her husbands parents (Antti Mattila from Evijärvi). David

Tapio Rautio
16-10-09, 19:57

I did find in my own research that Anna has a
Sursill connection. This is from her fathers-fathers-mother.

Have a nice evening, or day;)

Tapio Rautio

1. Koutonen Lisa Matsdr, s. 10.09.1782 Alavieska.

puoliso Ala-Ponnikas Nils Ericsson, avioliitossa 18.12.1805 Merijärvi, s. 04.02.1776 Merijärvi , Rippikirja, 1788-1810 Kuva 180.


2. Huhtala Mats, s. 11.01.1761 Pyhäjoki , Rippikirja, 1763-1768 Kuva 137, k. 26.05.1809 Alavieska 48v4kk. puoliso Talus Carin Matsdr, avioliitossa 11.12.1781 Alavieska.

3. Talus Carin Matsdr, s. 21.05.1759 Alavieska, k. 10.10.1797 Alavieska 38v4kk.

Iso Vanhemmat

4. Fogelberg-Huhtala Eric, s. 16.01.1731 Pyhäjoki Rippikirja 1769-1774 Kuva 147, k. 27.09.1795 Alavieska 64v8kk. puoliso Hånga-Kangas Lisa, avioliitossa 16.12.1753 Oulainen.

5. Hånga-Kangas Lisa, s. 12.01.1735 Oulainen Pyhäjoki Rippikirja 1769-1774 Kuva 147, k. 11.10.1807 Alavieska 72v10kk.

6. Talus Mats Matsson, s. 1734 Alavieska , Rippikirja, 1782-1787 Kuva 52. puoliso Pokela Lisa Michelsdr, avioliitossa 21.12.1756 Alavieska.

7. Pokela Lisa Michelsdr, s. 25.09.1736 Alavieska , Rippikirja, 1782-1787 Kuva 52.

Iso Iso Vanhemmat

8. Fogelberg Samuel, s. 1693 Pyhäjoki , Rippikirja, 1769-1774 Kuva 147, k. 09.03.1778 Merijärvi Pyhäjoki Rippikirja 1775-1780 Kuva 140. puoliso Zimmerman Brita, avioliitossa 16.08.1724 Pyhäjoki.

9. Zimmerman Brita, s. 21.10.1702 Pyhäjoki , Rippikirja, 1769-1774 Kuva 147.

10. Hånga-Pawola Jakob Påhlsson, s. 1693 Oulainen , Rippikirja, 1758-1763 Kuva 34, k. 15.09.1764 Oulainen , Rippikirja, 1764-1769 Kuva 39. puoliso Törmälä Margeta Persdr, avioliitossa 22.11.1719 Oulainen.

11. Törmälä Margeta Persdr, s. 1696 Oulainen , Rippikirja, 1758-1763 Kuva 34.

12. Talus Matti Matinpoika, s. 1705, k. 05.02.1771 Alavieska. puoliso Anna Persdr.

13. Anna Persdr, s. 1704 Alavieska , Rippikirja, 1788-1794 Kuva 62, k. 10.07.1788 Alavieska , Rippikirja, 1788-1794 Kuva 62.

14. Pokela Michel Nilsson, s. 1661, k. 26.05.1745 Kalajoki 84v2kk. puoliso Kangas Carin Jacobsdr.

15. Kangas Carin Jacobsdr.

Iso Iso Iso Vanhemmat

18. Zimmerman Erik, s. n.1656 Turku, k. 04.09.1731 Pyhäjoki. puoliso Letzle Anna Jakobintytär, avioliitossa 03.12.1682 Tukholma.

19. Letzle Anna Jakobintytär, s. 1662.

20. Paulus, s. Oulainen , Rippikirja, 1723-1742 Kuva 14. puoliso Nn.

21. Nn.

3net Iso Iso Vanhemmat

36. Zimmerman Kristiern, s. n.1610. puoliso Nn.

37. Nn.

38. Letzle Jakob Wijkmansson, s. n.1635, k. 25.04.1692 Tukholma. puoliso Forbus Brita Casparintytär.

39. Forbus Brita Casparintytär, s. n.1640.

4net Iso Iso Vanhemmat

76. Wijkman Andersson Letzles. puoliso Burg Margareta, avioliitossa 28.12.1637 Tukholma.

77. Burg Margareta.

78. Forbus Caspar, s. 1600 Danzig, k. 1682 Ii. puoliso Lithovius Brita.

79. Lithovius Brita, s. 1600, k. 11.08.1696 Ii.

5net Iso Iso Vanhemmat

156. Forbus Hans, s. 1546 Aberdeen.

158. Lithovius Johan Henriksson, s. n.1563 Liminka, k. 1634 Ii. puoliso Sursill Christina.

159. Sursill Christina, s. 1580, k. 1632 Ii.

6net Iso Iso Vanhemmat

316. Lithovius Henrik, s. 1550 Kaarina, k. 1615. puoliso (1) Sursill Catharina, s. 1565, k. 1614 jälkeen.

318. Sursill Östen, s. 1530 Umeå, k. 1580. puoliso Malin.

319. Malin, s. 1530.

7net Iso Iso Vanhemmat

632. Lithovius Lauri, s. 1500-luku.

636. Ångerman (Sursill) Eric, s. 1495 Umeå, k. 1550 Umeå. puoliso Dordi.

637. Dordi, s. 1500-luku.

Karen Norwillo
17-10-09, 16:23
I've asked a friend at RAOGK MN to check the Naturalization record for Antti Mattila. I found it on Ancestry in Carlton county, but it only gives location of the document. Maybe with any luck it will have some new info about him. My grandfather's and my husband's grandfather's had a wealth of information. I'll let you know if she finds anything. It may take weeks.

D J Granlund
17-10-09, 16:27
Thank you again Karen. I have already ordered the document from IRRC. They have informed me that it is in the mail. David

D J Granlund
17-10-09, 16:36
Thank you Tapio. It will take me some time to absorb the 3 new pages of information. This obviously represents a great deal of time and effort. It is greatly appreciated. Kiitos!

Tapio Rautio
17-10-09, 17:45
David, don´t mention it;)

It has been nice reading this thread.

I just put a few families in between, to the families i
had allready. I dont´t really know if You are trying
to find all possible ancestors of Anna Nivala, but it
is nice to have a dialogue. Looking a few years back,
the dialogues have been lacking, all the time.

Kind regards


June Pelo
17-10-09, 21:22

I noticed the Sursill name in the material you posted. As you probably know, Lars Holm is working on the updating of the Sursill genealogy and I know he will be interested in your data.

Tapio Rautio
18-10-09, 10:24

Thanks for the info June.

Kind regards


Tapio Rautio
18-10-09, 12:01
Hello again!

David, there was another connection to Sursill on Anna Nivala.
If You have access to the great talko-database, one can
easily use the Sursill collection to see the different pedigrees;)

In my list we start from Annas fathers-mothers-mother,
Savula Margareta Johansdr, born 24.07.1798 in Lohtaja.

Her family moved from Lohtaja to Kalajoki as seen in this picture:



1. Savula Margareta Johansdr, s. 24.07.1798 Lohtaja Merijärvi , Rippikirja, 1811-1831 Kuva 208.

puoliso Jussila Thomas Larsson, avioliitossa 11.02.1820 Merijärvi, s. 18.09.1796 Merijärvi , Rippikirja, 1811-1831 Kuva 208.


2. Kinaret-Savula Johan Johansson, s. 30.07.1773, k. 16.05.1809 Kalajoki , Rippikirja, 1806-1812 Kuva 238. puoliso Vanhalauri Lisa Isaksdr, avioliitossa 28.10.1795 Lohtaja.

3. Vanhalauri Lisa Isaksdr, s. 30.01.1774 Lohtaja.

Iso Vanhemmat

6. Fortell Isak Eriksson, s. 1749 Lohtaja , Rippikirja, 1789-1795 Kuva 40. puoliso Vanhalauri Susanna Johansdr, avioliitossa 25.05.1773 Lohtaja.

7. Vanhalauri Susanna Johansdr, s. 13.10.1753 Lohtaja , Rippikirja, 1789-1795 Kuva 40.

Iso Iso Vanhemmat

12. Fortell Erik, s. 1712, ammatti Pitäjänkirjuri Lohtajalla, k. 18.10.1788 Lohtaja. puoliso Calamnius Anna Margareta Gabrielsdr..

13. Calamnius Anna Margareta Gabrielsdr., s. 1720 Piteå Sweden.

14. Vanhalauri Johan Matsson, s. 1712 Lohtaja , Rippikirja, 1789-1795 Kuva 40, k. 17.10.1788. puoliso Lisa Michelsdr.

15. Lisa Michelsdr, s. 1728 Lohtaja , Rippikirja, 1789-1795 Kuva 40.

Iso Iso Iso Vanhemmat

24. Fortelius Erik, s. 1683 Paltamo, ammatti Vääpeli Kalajoen nimismies, k. 25.06.1749 Kalajoki. puoliso Schönström Maria.

25. Schönström Maria, s. 1695 Stockholm Sweden.

26. Calamnius Gabriel, s. 24.09.1694 Kalajoki, ammatti Kalajoen pitäjänkirjuri. Varalääninviskaali. Suomenkielinen runoilija, k. 01.05.1767 Kalajoki. puoliso Fjellström Agatha Pettersdr..

27. Fjellström Agatha Pettersdr., s. 1691 Sweden, k. 10.01.1763 Kalajoki.

3net Iso Iso Vanhemmat

48. Fortelius Erik. puoliso Cajanus Anna.

49. Cajanus Anna, s. 1656 Paltamo, k. 11.03.1734 Ylivieska.

52. Calamnius Petter, s. 1662, ammatti Kalajoen kirkkoherra, k. 1722 Kalajoki. puoliso (1) Granberg Elsa, avioliitossa 1706, k. ennen 1713. puoliso (2) Brenner Margaretha Henrikintytär, s. n.1680.

53. Granberg Elsa, k. ennen 1713.

4net Iso Iso Vanhemmat

98. Cajanus Johan, s. 1626 Paltamo, k. 1703 Paltamo. puoliso Mathesius Anna, avioliitossa 18.01.1652.

99. Mathesius Anna, k. 06.03.1668 Paltamo.

104. Calamnius Gabriel, s. 1630, k. 1673 Kemi. puoliso Florinus Anna.

105. Florinus Anna, s. 1600-luku.

106. Lochtovius Erik, s. 1623 Lohtaja, k. 1687. puoliso (1) Munselius Elisabeth, avioliitossa 1645 Lohtaja, s. 1630 Uusikaarlepyy. puoliso (2) Ringius Susanna Nilsintytär, avioliitossa 21.10.1674 Pyhäjoki, s. 11.11.1645 Uusikaarlepyy.

107. Munselius Elisabeth, s. 1630 Uusikaarlepyy.

5net Iso Iso Vanhemmat

196. Anders Erikinpoika, s. 1600-luku. puoliso Laatikatar Matintytär Agneta.

197. Laatikatar Matintytär Agneta, s. 1600-luku.

198. Mathesius Johan, s. 1607 Saloinen, k. 1663 Pyhäjoki. puoliso Lithovius Anna.

199. Lithovius Anna, s. 1610.

208. Calamnius Gabriel, k. 1648. puoliso Birgerintytär Margaretha.

209. Birgerintytär Margaretha, k. 1652 jälkeen.

210. Florinus Thomas, k. 1648. puoliso Borgstadius Carin.

211. Borgstadius Carin, s. 1614 Porvoo.

212. Lochtovius Lars, s. 1582 Saloinen, k. 1637. puoliso Eerikintytär Anna.

213. Eerikintytär Anna, s. 1599, k. 1653 jälkeen.

214. Munselius Josef, k. 1649. puoliso Witting Susanna.

215. Witting Susanna, k. 1645.

6net Iso Iso Vanhemmat

392. Erik, s. 1500-1600-luku.

394. Sigfridinpoika Mathias.

396. Mathesius Mathias, s. 1500-1600-luku, k. 1622. puoliso Margaretha.

397. Margaretha, s. 1500-1600-luku.

398. Lithovius Josef, s. 1580, k. 1648. puoliso Siniluoto Anna Laurintytär.

399. Siniluoto Anna Laurintytär, s. 1590, k. 1650.

416. Arctophilacius Petter, k. 1647. puoliso Sursill Magdalena.

417. Sursill Magdalena, k. 1650 jälkeen.

420. Eskilinpoika Thomas, s. 1500-1600-luku.

422. Borgstadius Ericus, k. 1637 Porvoo. puoliso Mårtenintytär Brita.

423. Mårtenintytär Brita, s. 1500-1600-luku.

424. Erikinpoika Mathias. puoliso (1) Sursill Catharina, s. 1565, k. 1614 jälkeen.

426. Jaakobinpoika Erik, k. 1620.

428. Munselius Jakob, s. 1500-1600-luku.

430. Witting Knut, s. 1500-1600-luku. puoliso Sursill Elisabeth.

431. Sursill Elisabeth, k. 1635 jälkeen.

7net Iso Iso Vanhemmat

784. Erikinpoika Michael, s. 1500-luku.

788. Sigfrid.

792. Mathesius Georgius, s. 1500-luku.

796. Lithovius Henrik, s. 1550 Kaarina, k. 1615. puoliso (1) Sursill Catharina, s. 1565, k. 1614 jälkeen.

798. Siniluoto Lauri, s. n.1556, k. 1614. puoliso Sursill Catharina.

799. Sursill Catharina, s. 1565, k. 1614 jälkeen. puoliso (1) Siniluoto Lauri, s. n.1556, k. 1614. puoliso (2) Erikinpoika Mathias. puoliso (3) Lithovius Henrik, s. 1550 Kaarina, k. 1615.

832. Matinmäki Mikko, s. 1540 Lohtaja, k. 1609. puoliso Erikintytär Inger.

833. Erikintytär Inger, s. 1500-1600-luku.

834. Sursill Östen, s. 1530 Umeå, k. 1580. puoliso Malin.

835. Malin, s. 1530.

840. Eskil, s. 1500-luku.

844. Borgensis Simon, s. 1500-1600-luku. puoliso Erikintytär Helena.

845. Erikintytär Helena, s. 1500-1600-luku.

846. Mårten, s. 1500-luku.

852. Erikinpoika Jakob, k. 1593.

860. Witting Henric.

862. Sursill Carl, s. 1500-1600-luku, ammatti Kokkolan kirkkoherra. puoliso Anna.

863. Anna, s. 1500-1600-luku Tukholma Ruotsi, k. 1618.

8net Iso Iso Vanhemmat

1568. Larsinpoika Erik, s. 1500-luku. puoliso Sigfridintytär.

1569. Sigfridintytär, s. 1500-luku.

1584. Mathesius Mathias.

1592. Lithovius Lauri, s. 1500-luku.

1598. Sursill Östen, (katso sama henkilö yläpuolella sukupolvessa: 10) s. 1530 Umeå, k. 1580. puoliso Malin.

1599. Malin, (katso sama henkilö yläpuolella sukupolvessa: 10) s. 1530.

1664. Pietarinpoika Matti, s. 1510 Lohtaja.

1666. Benedictinpoika Erik, s. 1500-luku.

1668. Ångerman (Sursill) Eric, s. 1495 Umeå, k. 1550 Umeå. puoliso Dordi.

1669. Dordi, s. 1500-luku.

1690. Petri Ericus, s. 1500-luku. puoliso Henrikintytär Anna.

1691. Henrikintytär Anna, s. 1500-luku.

1724. Ångerman (Sursill) Eric, s. 1495 Umeå, k. 1550 Umeå. puoliso Dordi.

1725. Dordi, s. 1500-luku.

D J Granlund
18-10-09, 16:31
Tapio, once again it is impossible to express the gratitude for the scope and breath of the assistance you have rendered. This is truly amazing. Thank you so much. The people I am assisting are going to be so happy! David

Tapio Rautio
18-10-09, 16:48
David, my intrest in the matter is my own, ancestor
Hånga-Pawola Jakob Påhlsson 1693-15.09.1764 Oulainen.


So, i am related to the subject Anna.