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Shirley King
19-12-03, 22:55
After examining the ships manifest, I found that my grandfather had stated that he had been to American previously. He had been to Mullan, Idaho,1902-1904. does anyone know anything about this old mining town. Grandfathers name was Matts Leander Andersson Jossgark and I am hoping to find something out about his brother Anders Johan b. 16.4.1868. Married Amanda Sofia Mathisdotter Wall in 1894. I am wondering if Grandfather visited this brother in Idaho, or another relative? Any suggestions or info is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

20-12-03, 00:44
MULLAN, Shoshone County in Idaho has had a post office ever since 1886.
There are no swedish churches in Shoshone County nor anywhere reasonably near Mullan, at least Swenson records do not show one.
Mullan - National Finnish church is shown there on the finngen website and none are shown anywhere near Mullan so maybe if they joined a church, it could be a Finnish church?

Best of luck here!

Chuck Mäki

Shirley King
20-12-03, 02:33
Thanks Chuck, but what is a Swenson record?:confused:

20-12-03, 03:06

Hi Shirley,
Many swede-finns when they came here would join a swedish lang church - Swenson has most of those records, even some Swede-Finn churches. The Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center website is above and perhaps there is something there you might find of interest.
In the place at finlander called interesting links, I posted a link to a Finns website about Finns in the west so maybe something there for you.

Roy Lager
02-01-04, 02:19
Shirley King

Go to Google and write in the above subject name and you will find all kinds of material on this little town. It is a nice little town. I first went there in July 1946. My great uncle had a dairy at Grouse Gulch, outside of Mulland. I still have relatives that live in Wallace, next door.

Roy Lager

Shirley King
02-01-04, 04:40
Thanks Roy!
I did just that when I found the name. But the only history I could find about it was that it was an old mining town. I even seen a postcard of the town around 1900, right about the right time. I was just looking for some written information about it around the turn of the century, of course to speculate why my granfather picked that particular town to visit. I did not realize it was next to Wallace tho. I believe one of my friends and neighbors here in Nevada is from that area! Thanks for the tip.

Roy Lager
02-01-04, 09:45
Hello again Shiley

Another little town very close by is Kellog, Idaho. Here the old tomers mined for "Galena". Kept lots pf people busy. Several of my relatives commuted there from Mullan and Wallace.

Roy Lager

02-01-04, 18:24
Dear Shirley,
There is a tiny totally volunteer historical museum on the north side of the freeway in Wallace, I think it was. Had collection of mining stuff and household items, clothing etc. Also had a collection of old high school yearbooks, and church materials. If you could connect with someone there who could check out the museum, they might find something out.

02-01-04, 18:29
K-G Olin has one entry in his mining states book on Swedish Finns: and i translate
"The first Swedish Finns probably arrived in Butte (Montana) in the 1880's As of one of the true pioneers Johan Jakobson Punsar from Ytteresse is talked about. He arrived in 1886 and several years later was joined bu his wife Anna Lovisa, born Jossgårk, and two daughters."
Note the correct spelling of her name. It may help you when you go into Migration Institute to search for others. Could she be a relative? It doesn't say where she was born.

Shirley King
02-01-04, 20:15
Oh Syrene!
Thank You! That just gave me chills! I will look into all the material I have and see what I can find!!

Roy Lager
02-01-04, 21:17
Hello Shirley

The address for the Idaho State Historical Society is:
1109 Main Street, Suite 250, Boise, ID, 83702, Tel. 208-334-2682.

And for Mullan, ID: Mullan Historical Society, IOOF Hall, Mullan, ID 83846.

Hope this helps.


Roy Lager

Shirley King
02-01-04, 21:40
Oh Thank You Roy!!!!
This is wonderful!

Roy Lager
02-01-04, 21:52

I got my first pair of jeans in "Downtown Mullan" in July 1946 and i had to pay 2 silver dollars and two quarters for them. They just seemed to use silver dollars at that time.

Roy Lager

Shirley King
03-01-04, 01:21
Roy-That is just too cute! What did you wear to the store?

Syrene - As I am looking I can find a few Punsars and a few Anna Lovisas, but none that connect as of yet! I'll keep plugging away!

03-01-04, 01:25
The small museum is actually in Mullan. My family contributed several pictures and artifacts, including my aunt's wedding dress from the 20's. Roy, if you got your first pair of jeans in Mullan you bought them at "Morrow's". The store is now the home of the 1st Evangelical Lutheran Church. I lived in Mullan from 1947 to 1951, and many members of my family lived there from 1915 or thereabouts until 1990. Mullan had several galena mines, including the Morning Mine, which is now just a memory. The last working mine in Mullan was, or is, the Lucky Friday Mine.
In re Finn Swedes or just Finns, when I lived there we youngsters were "Finns" as far as I know. The language of my family was English, but Finn (or Finglish)was spoken to and by the older people. I don't recall Swedish being spoken at all.

Many Finnish miners worked in Butte or in the Coeur de Alene mining district - Mullan, Wallace, Kellogg, Murray- as the work was available.

Shirley King
03-01-04, 01:44
Bettty Lynn, you and Roy could have run into each other a time or two! Have any info on or around the turn of the century?

03-01-04, 01:55
Correction to previous post: The Lutheran Church in Mullan is Emmanuel Lutheran. I don't know how I goofed - I was confirmed there!:)

03-01-04, 03:42
Dear Shirley,
A now deceased founding board SFHS member named Vera Hjort, married Olsen in Ballard (Seattle) WA, was born during the big fire in Wallace. If I remember the story clearly enough, her parents could see the distant sparks as she was born. Could that be correct? She mentioned it once a decade ago. A very dear person! Family spoke Swedish from Kvevlax, I think.

Roy Lager
03-01-04, 03:58
Hi Shirley

I wore shorts to the store and penny loafers, and came out with a new pair of Jeans on. Gosh the Morning Mine brings back memories. I thought it was called the Morning Star Mine. Probably my memory is slipping. Gosh and then the Lucky Friday Mine was another. My great uncle, Andrew (Laggar) Anderson, owned the Star Dairy and used to deliver milk from Grouse Gulch to Mulland and into Wallace. My Dad's cousin Ester was married to Roy Crooks and after his death, to Warren Magnusson. My second cousin still live in Wallace. My Dad's other cousin, Edith Johnson was married to John Johnson, who worked in the Morning Mine. They both died in Wallace, where they lived in retirement, from Mullan. I have many happy memories of my time there. Great uncle died in 1948, in Valleyford, WA. He and my grandpa both came to Pueblo, CO in the early 1890's. Andrew married in Pueblo and moved to Mullan.

Roy Lager

03-01-04, 05:01
There was a Star Mine also. The Morning Mine, where my uncle John Marsyla worked for many years as a shaftman, was located on the flats at the west end of town. Next in line of vision on the left headed east was the "Beanery"- a large rooming and boarding house. My grandmother, Sophie Jackson, always cooked at a smaller boarding house. In the 40's and early 50's she cooked at the Pyrinto Club, a small (relatively) cooperative boarding house. Many of the miners did not have families. Some families were still in "the old country"; other men had never married, and some had intentionally left wives and/or children behind. Some made enough money to go home, but often the many bars (there were over 20 in the small town of Mullan at one time) and the gambling opportunities were a downfall.
Mullan seemed to be a good area for dairys. Close family friends, the Jutilas, also had a dairy. My most vivid recollection was of a season of the year when the wild mustard was in bloom. The cows ate it, and the milk was, for me, almost unpalatable. Even the viili tasted like mustard!
I wish I could help Shirley with her research. Her mention of Mullan has given me a chance to walk down memory lane, but not far enough back to aid her.

05-11-04, 16:56
Hi Shirley,

On the Heritage Quest cd Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census both names Anderson and Hjort appear (and some of Roy's Johnsons too). Details follow.
Surname,Given Name,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,Locality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State

Hopefully this list will help your search,