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03-10-09, 13:29
Matti Kainu (b.1883 in Veteli) moved to America 1899. He participated in some competitions and won first prizes. There are some engraving on the both prize cups.

I can understand the dates "21Aug1908, 29Aug1909" and words "first prize" (1 palkinto), "with highest points" (korkein pistein) and "nine events games" (9 ottelusta) but
what do those abbreviation - T.W.P.K.W.O and W.L.K.K.I - means?

Matti Kainu was an very active member in the American Finnish Socialist Society. Also, writing, singing, playing, speech making and other cultural interests may come into question.

- Juha Huusko

Karen Norwillo
03-10-09, 23:51
I believe the inscription on the first cup is WLKKF, not I.

Karen Norwillo
04-10-09, 17:39
Here's a thought. Try emailing the photos to the Finnish American Heritage Center at Finlandia University in Hancock, MI. They have a large collection of the American Finnish Socialist Society and all things Finnish. Maybe they can tell you what the initials stand for. Email: editor*finnishamericanreporter.com
They are located at 435 Quincy St Hancock, MI 49930.