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Becky Siebold
12-10-09, 15:44
I have this information about Anna Lisa Näsholm from Emihamn database:

First name: ANNA LISA
Last name: NÄSHOLM
Age: 29 Gender: K
Parish: SÄFVAR County: AC
Date: 1882 05 19
Destination: LOCKPORT ILLS
Fellows: NEJ
Source: 20:101:18267

and this about Michel Näsholm:
Emibas cd

Post 62046
Näsholm, Mikael
Bonde (widower)

b. 7/11/1825 in Sävar, Västerbottens län (Västerbotten)

Emigrated 1/1/1909
from Särskild Förteckning, Sävar, Västerbottens län (Västerbotten)
to Nordamerika

Source: Household Examination Roll, p. 720
Emibas migration file ID: Sävar AC 1909 001

I also found a Michel Nesholm in the 1900 Chicago, Illinois:
John G Johnson 23 b. May 1877 Single Sweden immigrated 1886
Mary Johnson 53 b. Feb 1847 Widowed Sweden immigrated 1886
Gus Lundberg 40 Roomer b. June 1859 Single Sweden immigrated 1896
Michael Nesholm b. May 1824 age 76 Roomer widowed Sweden immigrated 1896
Hilma Johnson 19 Cousin b. April 1881 Single Sweden immigrated 1893
Esther Johnson 10 Cousin b. March 1890 Single Illinois immigrated 1893

The first Michel listed is possibly Anna Lisa's father, but the Michael listed in the 1900 census fits in better with the family names and dates that he would have been coming to America to live with.

Unless Michael traveled first to America, then back to Sweden, then back to America???

Can anyone look those names up in the Institute of Immigration records for me so I can work on solving this puzzle.