View Full Version : I liked Lovisa when I visited it.

20-12-03, 13:32
Good Afternoon, friends,

I just dropped in for a while to let you know I am a newcomer, I love Finland and hope to come to Finland more often.
I was in Lovisa on November, 11.

I like this city (town?).



21-12-03, 18:14
Yes, Lovisa is a nice town - especially in the Summer.

Btw - I noticed you had a .ru IP-domain - how come?

21-12-03, 18:36
Well, I am Russian.
I love Finland, come here as often as my business allows me and I enjoy meeting Finnish people, sharing my thoughts and feelings with them.

I have many good friends in Finland. I have some business interests here.


13-03-04, 00:15
Yes! Thank you!
My home town is really beautiful! I miss it after "emigrating" to the world!
Yours Johan

13-03-04, 06:54
Thanks, I hope to be there in a weeks's time!



21-09-04, 09:34
I'm searching my relatives, who have lived in Russia. It's very difficult. I love to know, if there still is somebody 'my blood' living in your country.

21-09-04, 15:59
Hi "Skoykka",
Cooper was a regular contributor to this forum however quite a few months ago, he said he would be away from the forum for a while. We don't know when he'll be back but we sure miss his input! :)

My wife has some ancestors from the Ukraine and I agree, it is very difficult to research them. I recall Russian genealogy being discussed here before. I did a search and found the following link. Maybe it will be of help to you.


Good luck,

21-09-04, 17:27
Thanks KPaavola! My grandfathers halfbrother died 1938 in Leningrad and he had two children Astrid Andrejevna (b.1923?) and Andrei Andrejevits Wahlfors (b.1930?) and wife Rosa Ivanovna Karhu.

What I want to know, are the birthdays of these children. I'm sure, there must be an authority in Konnaja Lahta, who knows, but I can not send a letter, because I don't know the address. I have a friend in Saint Petersburg, who has been helping me, but that office she can't find.

I'm very happy for all kind of information.
Greetings from Espoo!
Seija Köykkä