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17-10-09, 19:50

Looking for information of this family in Canada and in the US ( I
have all the paperwork in Finland):

Robert Koski (originally Saukkokoski) b. 21st Dec 1888 in Parkano
Finland. DOB in US documents 21st Dec 1888. Died 14.2.1920 Sault Ste
Marie MI. I have his birth and death certificates and his ancestry in

Robert emigrated originally to Canada March 1906 (US documents) or
1907 (Finnish documents) on SS Tunisian. Have not found him in Canadian passenger records yet.

He lived in Steelton Ontario 1916 and possibly also elsewhere. Visited the US a couple of times in 1916 ( I have the passenger records). He married Hilda Pietilä in York, Ontario. I do not have this paperwork.

Robert was living in Sugar Island Michigan 1918 ( WWI Draft cards),
having a wife and 3 children.

In 1920 census he is farming in Sugar Island, address 111 Roe Rd.
Other members of this family are wife Hilda 38y, daughters Margaret
8y, Mary 7, Suoma 4y 2 mo (all born in Canada) and sons Toivo 2y 2mo
and Urho? 8mo. The boys were born in Michigan.

In census 1930 Hilda is living on the farm with daughter Dagmar 14y
and son Toivo 12y, Hilda is a widow.

I have been trying to find more information of the chidren but have
not succeeded this farm. Is anyone able to help? I´m trying to help
someone to find living relatives in the US.

Thanks in advance,

18-10-09, 03:13
Hi Merja,
Would this Robert Saukkokoski be related in some way to Jooseppi Antinpoikä Saukkokoski b. 30.4.1854 married 1882 to Serafiia Juhontytär Yli-Kuusijärvi b.25.1.1854 that you found for me on my Yli-Kuusijärvi family from Parkano with children Konstantin b. 28.7.1883 and Emma Maria b. 24.5.1884?
Here is a website with an email address for Chippewa County, Michigan genealogy. http://genealogytrails.com/mich/chippewa/ It appears that this website is not complete.
I will place a phone call on Monday to the county and see if they might have further information on the family for you.

Your "sister", :D

18-10-09, 09:11
Hi sis and everyone else!

Yes, Robert is, indeed, related to Emma and Konstantin. Their father Jooseppi Antinpoika Saukkokoski (who married Serafia Juhontytär Yli-Kuusijärvi) was one of the brothers of Robert´s mother. Vilhelmiina Antintytär Saukkokoski b. 14.1.1850 Parkano. Vilhelmiina married Efraim Teemunpoika Varsaviita b. 22.12.1850 Kankaanpää.

They had several children, two of them emigrated. They were Robert and his elder brother Manasse b. 16th Dec 1879. Manasse emigrated 21th Jan 1900 from Hanko and was going to Port Arthur, travelling on Beaver Line. I have not found him in America yet. I believe he has also changed/shortened his name. I have a photograph of the brothers in America but do not yet have a permission to post it.

I now have, thanks to friendly listers here and in Finngen, a marriage certificate for Robert Koski and Hilda Pietilä in Toronto 21st Sept 1911. There are some discrepancies but I believe this is the correct couple anyway.
I also got a link to a family tree in www.genealogy.com, listing this family and have emailed them.

Thanks again for your help!