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21-10-09, 22:38
Hi everybody,

Looks like a bunch of Staudingers born in Kalajoki, Finland, at some point emigrated to both Canada and the US.
If anybody of you have any clues on those, and how to contact living members of the Staudinger family, please contact me.

They are a branch of the Calamnius Family, and as most of you allready remember, we try to collect all known Calamnius family members into our databases, because of our 60th family association meeting in Helsinki next summer.

If more specific info is needed, contact me.

Lasse Holm


June Pelo
21-10-09, 23:52

I have a lot of Staudinger names, but mostly from Karleby and Kronoby. What names are you looking for?

22-10-09, 00:18
Hi June,

Good you reminded me,

I havn't had a look into your gedcom file yet (I have too many files submitted from all of you, waiting to be processed).

I'm looking for descendants of Frans Georg Staudinger (1828-1892) and Johanna Loviisa Luomala-Särkelä b. march 18 1843, married 1866.

I found lots of persons on this page http://en.rodovid.org/wk/Special:Tree/196531 but I need some kind of verification to believe in this page, because they seems to be out of order within the generations.

I will have a look into your gedcom file tomorrow, today it's too late, my commander Leena tells me it's time to go to sleep now ;-)



22-10-09, 00:33
Frans Georg Staudinger is the son of Johan Georg Staudinger (1780 Germany - 1836 Kronoby) and Brita Helena Borg (1788 Evijärvi - 1809 Evijärvi)


June Pelo
22-10-09, 21:05

I have data about Frans Georg in my database along with his mother's ancestors, but no information about his wife or descendants..

23-10-09, 07:54

Here is a place where I found more info on Staudinger