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25-10-09, 20:13
Hello, I am loking some information of Mr. Kaarle (Kalle) Helynen, born 2nd September 1890. He left Finland 25th September 1912, ship Arcturus from Hanko to Hull and continued to Canada on 2nd October with Royal George, final destination to be Port Arthur (information from Institute of Migration db's).

I found WWI draft record in ancestry.com for Karlo Helynen in 1917 and from own family archives I found post card from him dated 20th May 1917 posted from New York. In postcard he says to have been earlier in Philadelphia and also in California. Since postcard in 1917 no any connections to relatives in Finland. He was announced to be dead in 1929.

When leaving Finland he took new passport for next 5 years, so his passport was expiring in september 1917.

What sources if any might be available to find out some information of him?

Regards Lasse