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30-10-09, 23:00
I am looking for the dates that 2 of my great grandfathers brother's died. The names I have are Vihtori born Nov. 16,1890 in Hollola Finland. The other is Edvard born June 11,1895 born in Hollola. Brothers Aret (Aaron) and I believe the other brother was Gust came to America around 1903. They were born in Hollola as well.
I had a great uncle that would visit them in Finland. The last time he was able to was May 13, 1976, both Edvard and Vihtori were still alive at that point.
I have tried to do a google search, and other searches online, but with no luck.:( The name that does come up is of a gentleman who does fly fishing and very much alive and way to young to be the same one listed above.:)

01-11-09, 15:15

I think the only way get the information you want is to contact Hollola parish and ask about the children of Vihtori Kivisto born Nov 16th 1890 and Edward Kivisto born June 11th 1895 - both born in Hollola.

They do not give you answers by email, but by snake mail with a paiment of some 5-20 euros. This might take some weeks. After getting the children's names you can post them here and then we will perhaps find their adresses.

You can also contact me by email via this forum and maybe I can ask the information - but they are perhaps not giving these information to no-realatives on Kivisto family.... But maybe when asking as a local helper ;)