View Full Version : Emigranten Populär 1783-1951

Karen Norwillo
01-11-09, 20:29
Does anyone have access to the original records for these emigration records? I am looking to determine if either of these two ladies was my Anna Elfride Eleanora Olsson. EmiHamn 3805c:22:2017 departed Kalmar, destination Chicago. Date 11 May 1889....or...EmiHamn 3805c:24:2101 17 Jul 1889, destination Galesburg, IL.
I know from the household roll for her and her family that she emigrated to the US in 1889. Anna was the daughter of my great-grandmother's sister Elin Olsson and her husband Anders/Andreas Olsson. With a common name like Anna Olsson, she's going to be hard to trace.