View Full Version : Russian prisoner revisits POW camp

June Pelo
07-11-09, 21:57
At age 89, Samuil Tirkeltaub, who was held as a POW at the Finnish Prisoner of War Camp No. 1 in Köyliö, revisited the place in Oct. for the first time in more than 65 years. According to a Finnish study, 121 of the 3600 prisoners who were held at the camp died there. He recognized some of the names on a plaque. The Köyliö Society, which published a book on prisoners of war who had been kept there, also arranged for him and his wife to visit the minimum security prison that still operates. He was amazed that it was still a prison - he thought it was a museum. The inmates have their own keys, showers, and windows do not have bars on them. They have TV sets, digital decoders and stereos. Samuil shook his head in disbelief and said: "This is like a hotel. In Russia, if you're in prison, you're in prison. There are no TVs."

FAR, Nov. 2009