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Alf Blomqvist
18-11-09, 22:28
Do you have information re. John Gust Saari (Johan Gustaf Saari) I think he is born in Lapua, Finland 20 Jan 1877 not in USA. He died 28.09.1951 in USA, buried in Ironwood, MI, USA.

He married Susanna Pykio Kivisto born 1877 in USA?, died 1926 or 09.1925 in USA.

22-11-09, 10:52
Coud it be this family? They are 1910 living in Ironwood Michigan
Kusti J Saari 32 Born in Finland
Sanna Saari 32 Born in Finland
Olga M Saari 11 Born in Finland
Hilja S Saari 6 Born in Michigan
Sophia Saari 4 Born in Michigan
Leander A Saari 2
Waino J Saari Born about 1909 in Michigan
The year of immigration is 1899

In 1920 they are still living in Ironwood and Sanna Is called Gust
Gust Saari 42
Gust Saari 42
Hilja Saari 16
Sophie Saari 14'
August Saari 12
Viano Saari 10
Lily Saari 6

Alf Blomqvist
22-11-09, 12:26
Yes Kerstin!

I think you found the right family!

Kusti J Saari 32 born in Finland I think is John Gust / Johan Gustaf Saari born in Lapua on Sipilä farm in Finland 20 Jan 1877.

Sanna Saari 32 born in Finland I think is Susanna Pykiö Kivisto married to Kusti/John/Johan.

Sophia Saari 4 born in Michigan could be Sophie Saari born 1 Jan 1906 in Hibbing, St. Louis, WI, USA.

I'll pass on to the person I think is grandchildren of Sophie Saari and Rudolph* Fritz Wilhelm Baross!

Karen Norwillo
22-11-09, 19:20
I found Susanna Saari born 1877, married, Lapua, travelling with daughter Olga Maria 1898, to husband in Amerikka leaving from Hango 1900. Migration Institute. Going to husband in Amerikka.
25.6.1898 p1126 renki Juho Kuusta Matinpk Saari and its:tr Susanna Heikintyr Pökkä p2187 Lapua married.
20.12.1898 p2187 Its Juho Kuusta Matinpk Saari and Sanna 21, Olga Maria
The only birth I found in Lapua on 20 Jan 1877 for a Johan Gustav in Lapua is attached. Also the 1910 Census for Saari.
I'm not sure if the birth I found in Lapua is Susanna, but the only one born 1877 to a Heikki was 4.2.1877 Haapakoski,Sipilä,
Drengen Henrik Mattsson and Maria, Susanna.

Alf Blomqvist
22-11-09, 19:33
[Quote = Karen Norwillo; 28.192] Alf,
**Jag hittade Susanna Saari, född 1877, gift, Lapua, resa med dottern Olga Maria 1898, att man i Amerikka lämnar från Hangö 1900. Migration Institute. Going to make i Amerikka.
25.6.1898 p1126 renki Juho kuusta Matinpk Saari och sitt: tr Susanna Heikintyr Pokka p2187 Lapua gift.
20.12.1898 p2187 Dess Juho kuusta Matinpk Saari och Sanna 21, Olga Maria
Det enda barn jag hittade i Lappo den 20 januari 1877 till Johan Gustav i Lappo bifogas. Även 1910 folkräkning för Saari.
Jag är inte säker på om förlossningen jag hittade i Lappo är Susanna, men det enda som är födda 1877 till en Heikki var 4.2.1877 Haapakoski, Sipilä,
Drengen Henrik Mattsson och Maria, Susanna. [/ Quote]

Tnx Karen! Jag tror att du hittade rätt information. Jag ska vidarebefordra det ...

Karen Norwillo
23-11-09, 17:17
Here's some more information on the Saari family. Some of the family is listed in the Ironwood Directory for 1928-1938-1948. In 1928 it lists Gus as married, in 1938 it doesn't specify, but in 1948 he's a widower. There is an obit available for John G Saari with your matching date of death. It is available from the Iron Range Genealogical Society. Would you like me to get a copy? It's only $2.00. I will get it if you'd like..From the MN Birth Index: Heilja Susanna Saari born 28 Nov 1903 St Louis County, mmn Pokka. Cert# 1903-25095. I did not find Sophia's in MN as yet. So the family must have been in MN before MI.
There is another child, the last born, Lillian F Saari born 4 May 1913 in Ironwood, Gogebic, MI and died 15 Mar 1992 in West Allis, WI. She was married to a Robert Michael Mowers 1913-1994. There are 4 living children and 2 deceased. Robert Ridley Mowers 1935-1998 and Kathleen Mowers Agnello 1949-1988. There are 2 living Agnello children and Joseph Robert Agnello 1972-1972. This is from a Family Tree on Ancestry. I am attaching the 1910 and 1920 census images for the family. You'll notice in 1920 they have Sanna listed as Gust. Many times they just used Mrs Gust, etc, but there's no Mrs shown, but it's listed as wife. Leander used name August. His wife was Betty and they had two children listed in 1930.

Alf Blomqvist
23-11-09, 17:35
Hi Karen!

Would you like me to get a copy? It's only $2.00 - Yes but how do I pay you?

My email address is AlfBlomqvist*gmail.com


Alf :)

Karen Norwillo
23-11-09, 21:48
I have requested it and it usually takes about 2-3 weeks. They won't send it email. I erred, it's from the Gogebic Range Genealogical Society.

Alf Blomqvist
23-11-09, 21:53
Tnx Karen :)

I have requested it and it usually takes about 2-3 weeks. They won't send it email. I erred, it's from the Gogebic Range Genealogical Society.

Karen Norwillo
08-01-10, 19:18
I finally received that obit for John G Saari. I will try to attach, but I'm afraid it's too big. I will email it to you.
As I feared it's too big. The person scanned it too large even with trying to shrink it.

Alf Blomqvist
11-01-10, 17:04
Tnx once again Karen. Hope I may help you soon. :D

Karen Norwillo
11-01-10, 17:17
I thought maybe someone might be interested in the Saari obit besides Alf. I will give a synopsis of what it says.
John G Saari 73 died Friday in Runstrom's hospital. He was born Jan 19, 1876 in Lapua, Finland. He came to the US in 1898. He lived first in the east, then MN for several years. He came to Ironwood in 1906. He was a miner. Mrs Saari died in 1926. Surviving are 4 daughters, Mrs Olga Korpela and Mrs Robert Mowers of Milwaukee, Mrs Fred Merritt, Highland Park, IL and Mrs Rudolph Baros of Ironwood. Also two sons, August, Rochester, MN and Waino of Milwaukee.Also a brother August in Gilbert, MN and 2 sisters Marie Sipila, Eben Junction, MI and Sophie Saari in Finland. 20 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.
Services in St Pauls Lutheran Church, with burial in Riverside Cemetery. Ketola Funeral Home