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20-11-09, 14:25
I am looking for following relatives in USA and Canada:
Josef Björklund, born 18.3.1863 in Lappfjärd,Finland,vent to Silverton,CO,USA 1881
Mathilda Björklund,born 5.10.1866 in Lappfjärd,Finland,vent to New York,USA 1889
Wilhelmina Björklund, born 8.4.1861 in Lappfjärd,Finland, died 3.4.1893 in USA
Linnéa Irene Björklund, born 16.8.1909 in Lappfjärd,Finland, died 29.11.1984 in Canada. Married to Olof Nelson, children: Nils born 1929, Nina born 1932 and Eric born 1944.
Jan Björklund