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D J Granlund
22-11-09, 16:40
Once again I am here with my hat in my hand, begging for help.:confused: I am trying to find the home parish for Roosa. She and 4 of her children died on 12 Oct 1918 in the Hinkley fire, Carlton County, Minnesota. Her DOB has been listed as 1 Feb 1872 but from Census Data pehaps 1862. Someone, Somewhere said in Kangaaniemala?? Further conjecture would suggest her father was Matt Lahti b 1847 and d 6 May 1932. Her mother was either Hilma or Rose born ? in Kauhava d 22 Jan 1949 Moose Lake, Carlton, Minnesota. I am sorry it is so jumbled but it is what I am working with today. Thanks David

23-11-09, 03:13

maybe eventually this place will be of use.

D J Granlund
23-11-09, 15:22
Thank you Chuck, I have tried to search FFHA and Hiski but I have not been able to figure out what parish to search. I don't know where Kangaaniemala is. Further I have not found a Matt Lahti born in 1847 in any parish. David

23-11-09, 16:10
this is what I got when I tried to google that other name so maybe worth looking into?

23-11-09, 16:16
maybe 1847 page 38, there is a R something surname.

Karen Norwillo
23-11-09, 19:39
Here's your Lahti family in YliKyla By, Kauhava #10 Lahti in 1869-1873. They're at the bottom of the page.Matts Gustafsson 3.12.1847, Hilma 15.4.1850, Rosa 2.1.1872 and Hilda Adolfina 7.7?.1875. I cropped the image so you can see it better. It's from SSHY Kauhava 1869-1878 pg 966.

D J Granlund
23-11-09, 20:49
Thank you. I too had managed to get to that page but can you tell what is written after Hilmas name and can you clarify the place entries? I see they moved from Kangasniemi to Kauhava (Yli Kylä By) in 1874. Can you interpret what is written about where Matt was born? I think it looks like Hilma (? this I can not interpret) was born in Kangasniemi. Is that correct? David

June Pelo
23-11-09, 20:59
There is a Kangasniemi in Mikkeli/St. Michel.

Karen Norwillo
23-11-09, 21:04
I think you're correct about Hilma. You'll notice I "chickened out" with what I couldn't read. Maybe someone else can. What do you think that 22.11.1875 means? I found the arrival of Hilma and the children to NY on 23 Sep 1887 on the "Saale" Unfortunately, these old manifests don't tell where she's going.

Karen Norwillo
23-11-09, 21:17
Found Hilma in Kangasniemi.
15.4.1850 Sallmenkylä 6 Johan Aron Ursinus and Agatha Laitin 46, Hilma

Karen Norwillo
24-11-09, 16:00
Found some interesting info about Hilma's family.
Kangasniemi, 20.12.1821 Pastoratet, Drg Johan Aron Ursin and tr:dr pig. Agatha Laitiain, married.
22.11.1794 Pastoratet, T. Carl Ursinus and Magd. Håckain 24, Johan Aron
8.3.1804 Pastoratet, T. Christ Laitiain and Hedvig Wiholain 34, Agatha
births, 25 years apart, 1.5.1825 Pastoratet, Joh. Aron Ursinus and Agatha, mother 26, Matts and 15.4.1850 same parents, Hilma, mother 46. No other births listed for this couple. Strange, although births 25 years apart, mother ages 20 years.

D J Granlund
24-11-09, 16:19
Thank you Karen. Yesterday I stumbled into the same info but it seems I found quite a few more children for Johan and Agatha. There were 7 with Hilma the last. There were Henric 1827, Eva 1830, Helena 1836, Catarina 1838, Brita 1839, Albertina 1843 and finally Hilma 1850. I did not find their marriage, however, so thank you for that. David