View Full Version : To the Yoopers of Michigan

June Pelo
23-11-09, 20:48
God knew what he was doing when he created the U.P.

In the beginning dere was nuttin.
Den on da first day God created da Upper Peninsula of Michigan
On da second day He created da partridge, da deer, da bear, da fish, and da ducks.
On da third day He said let dere be Yoopers to roam da Upper Peninsula.
On da fourth day He created da udder world down below.
On da fifth day He said "Let dere be trolls to live in da world down below."
On da sixth day he created da bridge so da trolls would have a way to get to heaven..

God saw it was good and on da seventh day He went huntin.

- One day it's warm, the rest of the year it's cold.
- People who have said "I have half a mind to go to the U.P." have all the right equipment.
- If you fly a straight line from Sault Ste. Marie to Ironwood, you'll see a lot of trees.
- Dollar Bay in the U.P. was named after the annual salary in the area.
- There are two seasons in the U.P. -- Swat and Shovel.
- Michigan's U.P. was never considered as a site for the state capital; however, it does have towns named Ralph and Christmas.
- The U. P. is the supplier of mosquitos to the free world.

And remember... "Say ya to da U.P., 'eh?"