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29-11-09, 08:47
The current Relative that I am trying to fin information on is Oscar Alexander Wirkkala b. Sept 11, 1887 in Kausti, Finland. I found his information in the Hiski Database, he was listed as Johan Aleksander instead of Oscar. His father is listed as Aleksander Wirkkala and his Mother Liisaa Amaliia. I am trying to find when and where Oscar's parents got married? And do they have church records for Kausti or Kaustinen for any the events of his family?

June Pelo
29-11-09, 18:33
Yes, Kaustinen records are on HisKi. And they do show Johan Alexander was born 11 Sep 1887 to Ales (Alexander?) Abrahamsson Wirkkala (Tofferi) and Lisa Amalia, age 28?. He may have used the name Oskar, but all the records will be under his birth name.

If Lisa was about 28 when Johan was born, she possibly could be born ca 1859 - and she possibly could have married in the early 1880s. There was no marriage record for them in Kaustinen and I tried a couple other parishes nearby, but didn't find them.

The Tofferi after Alexander's name could indicate that he also used the Tofferi name. This is a guess. I have a lot of Wirkkala and Tofferi names in my database, but don't have any of these people.

June Pelo
01-12-09, 21:00
I know someone who has a huge database of Wirkkala names and I asked her for help. She said she would try to find something about Oskar, but she's in the midst of Christmas preparations, and will get back to me later. So I'll see if she can find him.

Tapio Rautio
01-12-09, 21:09

Raija-Leena Huuki had the info here, June.


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Karen Norwillo
01-12-09, 21:37
If you look at my post under Axel Jacobson, you will see I found an Oscar Wirkkala and his wife in 1930. Sophie W Malar, Axel's second wife is living with Oscar and Hilma. Probably Hilma and Sophie are sisters? Living in Astoria, Clatsop, OR
Now find there are two Oscar Wirkkala in Astoria. Oscar J and Oscar A, There is a family tree on Ancestry that says the John Alexander Wirkkala (Oscar J) was born 9 Mar 1888 in Kaustinen to Abraham Wirkkala and Anna Kentala. This is the one married to Hilma.

June Pelo
01-12-09, 21:54
I thought she was interested in knowing about Oskar's ancestors in Finland - that's why I asked my friend to search for the info. in her database. Shall I ask her to stop the search?

Tapio Rautio
01-12-09, 22:02
No, of course not June:)

The more info, the better for everyone!



02-12-09, 00:36
I really appreciate everyone helping me with all this info. This is most defenitely a great start. I am still so new to alot of this. I have been doing my family research for a couple years now and have learned so much. I started out with my information I got from my Grandmother about my Norwegian Heritage, and from there have found out so much about my family. I learned early that forums like this one and others are a great resouce to use along with parish records if they exist. I want to thank everyone again and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas holiday.
Oregon, USA
Michael Bankston

Karen Norwillo
02-12-09, 04:45
The Johan Alexander Wirkkala born 9 Mar 1888 in Kaustinen was born to Abraham Antinpoika Wirkkala and Anna according to Hiski. His birth is right below the one born to Ales Abrahamsson Wirkkala and Liisa.
Attached are the WWI Draft Cards for each. The Oscar Alexander is off by one day, says 10 Sep 1887. Both say Kokala instead of Kaustinen.

Tapio Rautio
02-12-09, 08:19
Kaustby Wirkkala 1880