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29-11-09, 14:06
I am trying to locate the Father of Mariana Adamsdtr. Rahtu who was born Nov. 11, 1811 in Kuivakangas, Finland. I am aware that his name of course would be Adam Rahtu. but i was wondering if someone could help me locate him in the Church Records. I would like to know if he was born in Kuivakangas or somewhere else. Her mother was Brita Johansdtr. born in 1787. Also would like to find out where she is from also. I already have all the information for Mariana and her Family. She married Aron Henriksson Lantto and had lots and lots of children. I appreciate any help.

29-11-09, 15:40
I believe this is the family you are searching for in Kuivakangas, Ylitornio. It appears Brita Johansdotter Rahtu born 1787 and Adam ADAMSSON Rahtu born 1793 lived on the same farm No:35 in the 1820-1825 rippikirja, but it appears they were not married. Adam was married to a Brita Maria Carlsdotter b.1797 and seems to have children with both Brita's? It appears to be the correct family. I'm a bit confused on this one. Adam Adamsson Rahtu's mother appears to be Rebecka Mickelsdotter b. 1765 and there is a brother of Adam's, Johan Adamsson b. 1792.
I have been working on my father's lineage and I have a Brita Adamsdotter Rahtu married to a Johan Isaksson Kohkoila e. Matinheikki with a child Katarina b. 2 Oct 1848, so this is interesting to me too.

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Denise :D

29-11-09, 16:28
After really looking at both pages this is what I gather from the information: Please correct me if I am wrong as I am not really good at reading the church books.

It appears that Adam Adamsson was married/or had children with Brita Johansdotter Rahtu b.1787:
1. Maria b.11.11.1811
2. Brita b. 4.10.1812
3. Anna Greta b.25.11.1813
4. Johan b. 7.2.1815?
5. Petter b. 7.1.1817

and then it appears he married Brita Carlsdotter b.1797 and had the following children:
1. Anna Greta b. ? 1820 died
2. Brita Maria b. 16.12.1820
3.Lisa Greta b. 3.2.1822
4. Johan b. 27.6.1824
5. Hans? b. 27.7.1825

It appears that Adam's mother Rebecka Mickelsdotter b. 1765 remarried to Eric Andersson b. 1768 and Adam's stepbrothers and stepsister are Eric Ericsson b. 1801, Eva Caisa Ericsdotter b. 1799, and Isac Ericsson b. 1804.
Adams brother also lives with him: Johan Adamsson born 1792.

Please correct me if I have made mistakes on this.

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P.S. What does "Enkan?" mean in front of Brita Johansdotter Rahtu's (b.1787) name? Thank-you. :o

Karen Norwillo
29-11-09, 16:39
The Brita Johansdotter was a widow on the same year census that Adam Adamsson Rahtu and the other Brita appear. It would look like Adam was a popular name in the area at that time. I tried to find the family in the census the years before, but didn't see them, either family.

29-11-09, 16:44
In the years 1826-1832 it appears that the child that I thought was "Hans" is Isak b. 27.7.1825 and there is an additional child Johanna b. 4.9.1828.

Denise :)

29-11-09, 16:47
Hi Karen,
Where do you see that Brita Johansdotter was a widow? As I've stated I am not really good at reading these church books. It that what the word "enkan" means?
Thank-you Karen,
Denise :)

Nevermind, just used google translate and answered my own question! enkan=widow in Swedish! :)

Karen Norwillo
29-11-09, 17:08
I think this is the family in 1815. Adam's patronymic is Pehrsson. See #35 line. Rahtu Adam Pehrsson. He must have died between 1817-1820.

Karen Norwillo
29-11-09, 17:51
I found another marriage for a Maria Adamsdotter Rahtu.
27.10.1846 Johan Johansson Wuopio and Maria Adamsdotter Rahtu, Kivikangas, but it now appears that this was actually Brita Maria born 1820 16/12. Probably the daughter of the Adam Adamsson Rahtu found by Denise. I also found the marriages for Johan, Pehr (Petter), Anna Gretha and Britha.

29-11-09, 22:57
Hi Karen,
Thank-you for the further information on Adam Rahtu. I'll check what you've posted, and get back to you on this. (I had to attend a baby shower and just got back home!) I sincerely appreciate your help.

Denise :)

30-11-09, 00:56
Hi Karen,
Where did you find the record from 1815? I want to try to enhance it so I can read it better. Thank-you,


30-11-09, 06:52
I found this website which lists the marriage of Adam Pehrsson and Brita Johansdotter Lanto, 24 Apr 1810. I haven't had time this evening to read every name on this. I'm sure his father Pehr is listed and well as his siblings.

Apr 24 bondesonen ungersvännen Adam Pehrsson Rahtu Kuivakangas pigan Brita Johansdotter Lanto Lohijärvi

Best Regards,

Karen Norwillo
30-11-09, 17:17
It was from Digital Archives http://digi.narc.fi/digi/index.ka
A box will come up to search. Type in name of place. I used Ylitornio, no other spelling worked, then when you get to the place, you'll find the Rippi for various years. I found it in 1815-1824, page 693 in the box, 696 in the book. Entry is the 5th on the left from the top.
I've found much on this site that I couldn't find on FFHA. If you have any trouble, I will send you the page to your email.
Cousin Karen

30-11-09, 17:30
Oh, the website I have problems navigating! :( I'm sure I'll be able to find it with your instructions...I just haven't used it enough to get the hang of it. It appears that site is very useful. I'll check it out, and thank-you for your help. I appreciate it! :D
By the way, does anyone know what an ungersvännen is?

Best Regards,
Cousin Denise

June Pelo
30-11-09, 17:39
I think ungersvännen is young friend.

30-11-09, 17:56
Hi June,
I got that translation too from google translation tool, but somehow it doesn't make sense. It was before Adam Pehrs. Rahtu's marriage in the above post I wrote: the total phrase is bondesonen ungersvännen and when I used google translate it came up with "Hungarian peasant boy friend"! :p Tee Hee! :D I thought bondesonen would be bondes son.

Best Regards,

Jaska Sarell
30-11-09, 19:34
My Swedish-English dictionary gives:
ungersven = [young] swain, lad
Even Google translator gives young man.

Just another way of telling he was bachelor, more often ungkarl is used.

:) Jaska

30-11-09, 20:07
Hi Jaska,
Thank-you! :D I was thinking he was a "hungry bachelor"! :p

Best Regards,

Karen Norwillo
01-12-09, 15:23
The Swedish Genealogical Dictionary has ungersven as swain, young man, a suitor perhaps?

03-12-09, 00:06
When I was a kid, we had a local restaurant called THE SWAIN.

According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary:

Main Entry: swain
Pronunciation: \ˈswān\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English swein boy, servant, from Old Norse sveinn; akin to Old English swān swain, Latin suus one's own — more at suicide
Date: 14th century

1 : rustic, peasant; specifically : shepherd
2 : a male admirer or suitor

— swain·ish \ˈswā-nish\ adjective

— swain·ish·ness noun

03-12-09, 01:32
Thank-you for the translations Karen and Ilmari! ;) Very interesting!

With much appreciation,