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30-11-09, 17:01
Hello to all forum members. This is my first post and I was hoping to discover more information about my family's roots in Finland. My great grandfather Anders Johannes Johanson (John Johnson) was born on Oct 7, 1867 in Pedersöre Finland (Kylä - Westersund, Talo - Torp). His father was Johan Jansson (unkown age when John was born) and his mother Maria Henriksdotter (30 years old when John was born).
John Johnson was later a sailor and settled in America in 1891/92 finally living in New Haven Connecticut until he died on November 7, 1927.
I know he had one sister in Finland Maria Nickman, married to Johan Nickman. I was hoping to know more about his family in Finland.

Thank you !

Erik from Connecticut

June Pelo
30-11-09, 18:53

I happen to have this family in my database because I helped someone who was searching for these same people! Her father's mother's mother was Maria, b. 1863, daughter of Johan Jansson and Maria Henriksdotter. Do you know Dawn Lawrence? She is the great granddaughter of Anders Johannes and Maria Henriksdotter Fors.

Your John Johnson (Anders Johannes Andersson Westersund) was the son of Anders Johan Gretasson Westersund, b. 10 Nov 1839, Pedersöre, to Greta Lisa Andersdotter Neckman, b. 21 May 1815, Nykarleby, probably died 11 Aug 1874 at age 59. Greta was not married at the time. She later married Johan Andersson Torp and they had 3 children born at Torp, Westersund:
Andreas, b. 10 Aug 1849
Mathias, b. 19 Dec 1850
Carl Gustaf, b. 29 Jan 1853

Anders Johannes married 6 Jul 1862, Pedersöre to Maria Henriksdotter Fors. I don't have any data about her. She and Anders had 3 children, b. in Pedersöre (Torp farm, Westersund village:
Maria Mathilda, b. 4 Oct 1862, died as a baby
Maria, b. 10 oct 1863
Johanna Henrika, b. 3 Aug 1865

I'll check more later - have to leave for an appointment..

30-11-09, 19:38
June - Thank you for the information. I do not know Dawn Lawrence.

She is related to my great-grandfather's older sister Maria (b 10 Oct 1863), correct ? I have a number of letters written by Maria to her brother John. Perhaps Dawn Lawrence would be interested in these as well.

Thank you again for all you can find out !


June Pelo
30-11-09, 22:49

I just sent you a private message with more info. about Dawn and her address.