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01-12-09, 13:00
I am trying to locate information on the beginnings of Axel Jacobson. My sources say that he got married to a Sophia Vilhemina Aronsdtr. Lantto Dec. 7, 1934 in Clark, County Washington. He Lived with his Wife in Astoria,Oregon until her death in 1944. Her Marriage certificate indicate that Axel was 65 years old when they married, putting his birth around 1869. The marriage certificate also stated that his parents were Jacob Jacobson and Matilda Fredrickson both born in Finland. Unfortunately it does not give the location of Axel or his parents births. If anyone might have any information that might help me, i would be very appreciative. :)

Karen Norwillo
01-12-09, 19:55
I found the record for that Dec 7, 1934 marriage in Clark County OR. Groom Axel Jacobson, bride Sophie S Malar. Doc #swclkmc61936. She may have been born Lantto. I think the S is an error. I found a Sophie W Malar in 1930 in Astoria, OR living with Oscar and Hilma Wirkkala. She is a 49 yo widow and is listed as sister-in-law of Oscar. In 1910, same place, there is a John H and Sophia V Malar. He is listed as Swiss, she as born Finland. Age 29, married 5 years. Says US 1890. Maybe this is Axel's wife. If they married so late in life, chances they were widowed first. I also found that 22 July 1944 death of Sophia V Jacobson in the OR Deaths. That would have her born abt 1881.

Tapio Rautio
01-12-09, 20:26


To get this churchbook from Ylitornio to open, one has to be member of FFHA.

Page 254 Tengeliö

Lantto Aron Aronsson 3/8 1845
Hu Maria Henriksdr 18/2 1846
Henrika 11/10 1872
Hilma 16/11 1874
Isak 8/7 1877
Sofia Wilhelmina 24/4 1878 or 1879 (hiski)


Karen Norwillo
01-12-09, 20:56
I found an Axel Jacobson and wife Augusta C in Astoria, Clatsop, OR in 1900-1930. Says he was born Finland Feb 1870 and emigrated between 1886-1888depending on census. In 1900, he is a saloon keeper, by 1930 he is a dockman at a lighthouse. They had 3 daughters, Ethel E July 1896, Ella E Apr 1899 and Linnea abt 1904. Augusta Jacobson died 22 Mar 1932, two years before the marriage of Axel and Sofia. Maybe????

June Pelo
01-12-09, 20:57
In Hiski for Ylitornio/Övertorneå, I found this:
24.4.1879 26.4.1879 Tengeliö f. 254 Bd. Aron Aronss. Lantto el. Krans Maria Henr.d:r 33 Sofia Wilhelmina

But I could not find anything about Jacob Jacobson and Mathilda Fredrickson in Finland. There were no marriage records in any of the parishes for anyone with those names. I could not find a record of a son Axel Jacobsson born ca 1869. Without more definite info. about the names of the parents and a birthdate for Axel, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. They may have used different names - and if Mathilda's father was Fredrik, then her patronymic would be Fredriksdotter - maybe changed to Fredrickson at emigration?

In Pedersöre I found the following, which may or may not be Axel:
Jakob Fredriksson and Karolina Matilda Karlsdotter had a son Axel, b. 17 Feb 1870 in Österkivilös. This was the only couple I found with names of Jakob and Matilda who had a son named Axel.

Karen Norwillo
01-12-09, 21:29
From the OR State Archives Sophie W Lanto and John H Malar married 24 Oct 1904 in Clatsop county.
John Hartman Malar died 18 Sep 1912 in Clackamas county, OR
Axel Jacobson and Augusta C Rhodes married 13 Oct 1895 in Clatsop county, OR
So it looks like the census records I found are correct. Judging from the census records, Axel would have been born 1869-1870. 1900 says Feb 1870, matches June's find.

Tapio Rautio
01-12-09, 21:30
A picture from Pedersöre "mantalslängd" 1880

It says Jakob Fredriksson b.1834 Tilda b.1837.


Tapio Rautio
01-12-09, 22:17
What a puzzle!

If Axel turns out to be the person in this search,
it looks like both of his parents died in Pedersöre?

10.11.1902 Kyrkoby Östra Kivilös Bondehustrun Matilda Karolina Karlsdotter Bagarnäs 64years old

20.7.1903 Bagarnäs Nämndemanen enklingen Jakob Fredriksson förra pigan Anna Maria Andersdr. Barkar

16.6.1906 Kyrkoby Österkivilös Nämdemannen bonden Jakob Fredriksson Bagarnäs Magkräfta 71 years old


02-12-09, 07:12
I am going to go to the State Archives here in oregon tomorrow and look up the Marriage certificate for Axel And Augusta and see if I can find if this Axel is the same one who married Sophia Lantto. Hopefully this will clear some questions I have.

Karen Norwillo
02-12-09, 20:07
I found a ship arrival in Oct 1890 "Catalonia" with Maria Lantto 43, Sofia 11. Pah. 8, Oli 6. Unfortunately, it gives no destination. They landed in Boston.
I see in the births for Tengeliö, just above Sofia Wilhelmina is a sister Helma 16.11.1874.
From the CA Death Index, Linnea Elsie Fraties, born 24 Jun 1903 OR and died 12 Mar 1985 San Mateo county, mmn Rodas (Rhodes), father Jacobson. That fits the Linnea found in the 1920 census for Axel and Augusta.
Found on Hiski, Rodas found alot in Korsholm.

Tapio Rautio
02-12-09, 20:50

In Lauri Kiviniemis database is a Bagarnäs, Verna Matilda
Birth : 7 March 1874 in Pedersöre, Bagarnäs
Death : Astoria, Oregon, USA

Marriage: 1898 in Astoria, Oregon, USA
Vestersund, Viktor
Birth : 9 June 1868 in Pietarsaari, Vestersund,Vestersund
Death : 1930 in Astoria, Oregon, USA

However hiski gives the birthdate 1.1.1865 for Verna Matilda.

Verna is the sister of Axel b. 17.2.1870.


Karen Norwillo
02-12-09, 21:09
Found a privately submitted Gedcom on Family Search LDS
Axel Jaobsson 17 Feb 1870 Österkivilos, Pedersöre
f. Jakob Fredriksson 16 Dec 1834 Bagarnas, Pedersöre-16 Jun 1906 Österkivilos
m. Mathilda Fredrika Carolina Carlsdotter Hesselius 24 Dec 1837 Pirilo, Pedersöre-10 Nov 1902
Married 21 Oct 1858
Mathilda's parents
Carl Fredrik Hesselius b. 8 Nov 1804 Pililo
m. Anna Greta Hansdotter b. 11 Apr 1792 Sundby, Pedersöre-1879
They married 18 Dec 1834
Anna's first husband was Henrik Granroth 18 Aug 1785 Pedersöre-8 Dec 1832 Pirilo.

Tapio Rautio
02-12-09, 22:53
About the Granroths,
it seems like the pedigree from
Carl Fredrik Hesselius b. 8 Nov 1804
goes to the always twisted tailor,
Granroth Gustav d. 19.02.1694 Jakobstad,
married to Bonelius Anna, d.07.04.1704 Jakobstad.

Too bad talko is out of work right now...


1. Heselius Carl Fredrik Henriksson, s. 08.11.1804 Pedersöre, k. 15.10.1866 Pedersöre.

puoliso Gästgifvar Anna Greta Hansdr, avioliitossa 18.12.1834 Pedersöre, s. 11.04.1792 Sundby.


2. Heselius Henrik Gustav, s. 26.12.1772 Pedersöre, k. 01.01.1853 Pedersöre. puoliso Kråknäs Helena Lena Jacobsdr, avioliitossa 27.01.1793 Pedersöre.

3. Kråknäs Helena Lena Jacobsdr, s. 23.07.1773 Pedersöre, k. 11.01.1807 Pedersöre.

Iso Vanhemmat

4. Hissa-Heselius Tobias, s. 01.11.1741 Isokyrö L.Kiviniemi, ammatti Pietarsaaren nimismies, k. 06.06.1790 Jakobstad. puoliso Granroth Anna Elisabeth, avioliitossa 24.12.1770 Pedersöre.

5. Granroth Anna Elisabeth, s. 06.12.1737 Pedersöre, k. 18.04.1786 Jakobstad.

Iso Iso Vanhemmat

10. Granroth Gustaf, s. 1710, k. 19.04.1755 Pedersöre. puoliso Thelin Anna Catharina, avioliitossa 23.10.1735.

11. Thelin Anna Catharina, s. 1707 Pedersöre, k. 10.02.1770.

Iso Iso Iso Vanhemmat

20. Granroth Benedictus, s. 1690, k. 1715 Piteå Ruotsi. puoliso Forsman Margaretha.

21. Forsman Margaretha, s. 1690.

22. Tellin Elias. puoliso Fernboms Elisabeth.

23. Fernboms Elisabeth.

3net Iso Iso Vanhemmat

40. Granroth Gustav, s. 1657 Ruotsi Uumaja, ammatti Räätäli, k. 19.02.1694 Pietarsaari. puoliso Bonelius Anna.

41. Bonelius Anna, s. 1648 Rovaniemi, k. 07.04.1704 Pietarsaari.

42. Forsman Johannes, s. n.1660, k. 1707 Nykarleby. puoliso Ross Margareta, avioliitossa Kapellan Nkby.

43. Ross Margareta, k. 1705.

June Pelo
03-12-09, 00:35
I just checked my database, and I have the entire line that Tapio just posted. It was sent to me by Guy Bäck of Kronoby. There's also a link to Beverly Huchala of SFHS - Hendrik Heselius's granddaughter Greta Lovisa married Gustaf Pettersson, one of Beverly's ancestors. Gustaf Pettersson's mother Clara Portinus was related to Ronny Norberg. My goodness, Vern Lindqvist is also related to this bunch. It's kind of complicated to figure out.

Yes, I miss Talko. I have 3 projects I can't finish until I can check Talko. :(

Tapio Rautio
09-01-10, 08:10
About Axel, i think Christian Dahlin, might be able to help.


09-01-10, 15:36
Yes, I have this Axel Jakobsson, b. 17 Feb 1870 in my database. He was found in Släkt & Bygd and it says "Sjöman, till Amerika 1888".

His brother Johannes, b. 1 Nov 1862 moved to America 1890, but returned to Finland.

His sister Verna, b. 7 Mar 1874 moved to America 1895 and she probably stayed there all her life.

His sister Maria, b. 30 Oct 1876 moved to America 1903 and she probably stayed there too.

There is a big chance that this is the person you are looking for. They had other cousins in Astoria. My ggf had 6 siblings in this area and one of them was married with their 1st cousin.

I have regularly contact with them today, thanks to Internet!

About the surname Wirkkala, Axel's cousin Maria Nikolaiedotter Bagarnäs, who married my ggf's brother have descendants with the name Wirkkala. So why couldn't they live with Wirkkalas if they were closely related?

Christian Dahlin

23-10-15, 11:51
Well I kinda gave up on this until today. I decided to accept this Axel Jakobsson as the same Axel Jacobson in my tree. The dates match up and I just found another connection. Axel's first wife Augusta was also from Pedersore. Her name was August Charlotte Rodas or Rhodas. So with this information I am gonna say it has to be the same Axel.