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June Pelo
03-12-09, 20:01
Can anyone recommend a researcher in Australia?

04-12-09, 07:21
There are some 20 members with Australian emails on Finlander.

Some of the more active:
Tracy (http://finlander.genealogia.fi/member.php?u=1950)
Ruth (http://finlander.genealogia.fi/member.php?u=75)
Carol Hanes (http://finlander.genealogia.fi/member.php?u=701)Some of the genealogy resources in Australia have been collected here (http://www.searchwhateveraustralia.com.au/pdirectory/Genealogy_Australia/) - not so much I'm afraid


June Pelo
04-12-09, 20:58
Thanks, Hasse.