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June Pelo
04-12-09, 22:06
A writer was visiting churches around the country looking for material for a book he was writing.

One of the things he noticed was a golden phone in some of the churches, with a note that said "$10,000 minute." Curious, he finally asked a minister about the golden phone. "It's a direct line to heaven. A person can talk directly to God." said the minister.

Th writer eventually arrived in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. While in the U.P., he also notices the golden phone in churches, but with a sign that said "$.25 a minute."

Again curious, the writer asks Pastor Kemppainen: "I've seen those golden phones in various churches across the country and the going phone rate has been about $10,000 a minute, and here it is only a 25 cents a minute. How is that possible?"

Pastor Kemppainen: "Remember, you are in the Upper Peninsula, here it is a local call."