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June Pelo
09-12-09, 23:08
In a few days it will be time to celebrate Lucia Day. I like to look at the attached picture showing how it was celebrated in olden days. When I lived in D.C. my Lutheran church celebrated with Lucia walking down the aisle, singing Santa Lucia in Swedish along with her attendants and stjärngossar (star boys). Lucia wore a lighted crown of candles which was given to the church by the Swedish Ambassador to the US. He and his family usually attended the Swedish services. When I lived there the pastor conducted services in both Swedish and English. Then we all had coffee and Lussekatts (St. Lucia buns) in the social hall. The Washington Post newspaper always sent a reporter to cover the event - the reporter liked that assignment because he said they made the best coffee in town. Here's how the day is celebrated in Scandinavia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Lucy%27s_Day

June Pelo
14-12-09, 18:13
I came across this picture of the Luciafest at my church in Washington, D.C. Wish you could hear them singing in Swedish. Because the candles in Lucia's crown were lit, the fire department required that the church have someone stand by with equipment in the event of a fire.

02-01-10, 03:10
When I was in gradeschool, around second or third grade, we had a Lucia day celebration. This was a school in a suburb of MSP/St. Paul, and it was a bit more of learning about cultural tradition than it was actually a continuation. The celebration included sending a classmate of mine walking down the hall with the lit candle crown on her head! I think about it now and just have to laugh -- that would never happen now in a school.