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11-12-09, 04:30
:) Hello, I am currently trying to track down church records or hiski records for a Anna Lovisa Henriksdtr. Ryhänen b. July 13, 1861. My source says that she was born in Oulu, Finland. Her mother was Brita Karhu and her father was Henrik Ryhänen b. Mar. 10, 1810. The only info that I have is Brita Karhu drowned in Oulu in 1865. Henrik then later moved with his family to Siikajoki and maried a Kaisa Greta Pisila and had seven more children. He did however have two other children with Brita. Pehr Henrik b. 1863 and Beata b. 1858. If anyone could help me track them down in Hiski or in the Church records that would be great.

11-12-09, 05:42
Here is the Ryhänen family in the Oulu rippikirja 1858-1867.

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Karen Norwillo
11-12-09, 17:04
I see by Denise's post that two of the children died. Katherine and Pehr. Katherine was a twin to Beata. So that would leave Beata to trace.

12-12-09, 15:00
I was able to find a bit more for you on your Ryhänen family.
I've found this info. in Iisalmi msrk, Kuopio church book records on Ryhälämäki farm no:1.
It appears that Henric's father was Staffan Ryhänen b. 20 Dec 1806 Iisalmi, christened 25 Dec 1806 and was married to a Hedvig Kokkonen born 16 Dec 1806 Iisalmi.

Staffan (born 1806) father was Henric Ryhänen b. 11 Feb 1780 Iisalmi married 25 Dec 1806 Iisalmi to Catharina (Kajsa) Paulsdotter Qvist.

Henric (born 1780) father was Staphan Ryhänen married to Elisabeth Remes.

On LDS (family search) they have Henric Ryhänen born on 21 Aug 1780 Iisalmi, which appears to be an error according to the images I am attaching.

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Happy Hunting! :D

14-12-09, 01:17
Regarding your private message:
This is all I have been able to come up with so far...I'll keep looking.
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Denise :)

14-12-09, 02:00
Found an Anna Catharina Ryhänen that may be related to Staffan.

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14-12-09, 03:53
More Ryhänen's! :) I think it may be difficult to find birth records on Staffan and Lovisa...there's a gap between the years 1789-1804 on Hiski.
Iisalmen msrk - Idensalmi lf
* Christened (1732-1750, 1771-1789, 1804-1854)
SSHY - Iisalmen maaseurakunta tietokannassa
Lisätietoja paikkakunnasta
Kuvia Kirja Tarkenne Vuodet Lähde Ark.tunnus
133 rippikirja 1732-1734 TK1442 I Aa:1
277 rippikirja 1734-1740 TK1442 I Aa:2
410 rippikirja 1759-1765 TK1442-1443 I Aa:3
322 rippikirja 1768-1773 TK1443_I I Aa:4
234 rippikirja 1768-1773 TK1443_II I Aa:5
448 rippikirja 1774-1779 TK1443-1444 I Aa:6
454 rippikirja 1780-1786 TK1444 I Aa:7
546 rippikirja 1787-1792 TK1444-1445 I Aa:8
477 rippikirja 1805-1815 TK1445 I Aa:9
170 rippikirja 1807-1815 TK1445 I Aa:10
710 rippikirja 1816-1826 MKO121-144 I Aa:11-12
954 rippikirja 1827-1837 MKO145-176 I Aa:13-14
1137 rippikirja 1861-1870 MKO274-312
1882 rippikirja 1871-1880 MKO313-376
196 syntyneet 1732-1749 TK1455
332 syntyneet 1772-1788 TK1455

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