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11-12-09, 19:41
I am asking if anyone has the english translation for the column headings on the church records?
I've tried translation the words (and gotten a lot of laughs from the results!!)
but would like to use the correct information...

11-12-09, 19:51
Hi Rhonda,
This is the information I got from my "sister" Merja in Finland regarding the church books:

The x´s next to the names are for:
Rokotettu - Vaccinerad - vaccinated for smallpox
Äidinkieli - modersmal - language
Lukutaito - läsning - ability to read
Sisäluku - innenläsning - reading from text
Raamatun historia- Bibl. historie - Knowledge of Bible
Luth.Kat - Luth. Cath - Lutheran Cathecism ( this is a small book of
explanations of Bible texts by Martin Luther )
Selitys - Förklaring - Explanations, ability to explain what the texts
Käsitys - Begrepp - Understanding
Kirjoitustaito - Skriftkunnighet - Ability to write
Ollut luku???? this is the year
the persons reading etc ability was last tested
It is an old proverb of sorts in Finland that you needed to be
confirmed and vaccinated before you could get married...this is where
they checked that up!

You can see the crosses are not actually all crosses. There are
several different markings:
/ is for passing the test
V is better
Y is even better
X is good

These crosses are not the same for every pastor but you get the
meaning. On the right side of the page you see the years with dates
when the person has taken communion. This is an excellent way to see
when people were actually living in a farm and when their name just
was recorded there. If there are no dates, the person might have f.ex.

Best Regards,
Denise :D