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June Pelo
14-12-09, 21:20
Someone sent this to me; alas, it is in Swedish:


medelåldern och livslängden hos dem som runt förra sekelskiftet emigrerade till Amerika var inte hög. Att mord blev en emigrants öde är inte så vanligt i tidigare skildringar av deras korta och ofta hårda liv.Boke om Alfred Sund söker sig via en översikt av emigrationen til gruvorna i Telluride, Colorado år 1919. Den försöker ge klarhet i de omständigheter som ledde till att tre unga män från Österbotten brutalt mördades, och i de rättsliga efterföljderna kring detta drama.

Three young men from Österbotten were murdered in 1919 at the Tomboy mine in Telluride, Colorado.

SFHS might be interested in this book by Anders Smedberg.

15-12-09, 01:15
Telluride Miner's Memorial website has this:

1919 - September 10, four miners were murdered at the Tomboy Mine: Gus Danielson, Erik Smith, Alfred Sund, and Celeste Mattivi. A fifth, Joe Kochize,(or Kochevr a“Slavonian” (according to the newspapers) ) was shot in the knee by the assailants who brutally attacked the men in the Montana tunnel of the Tomboy Mining Company. Sund was shot in the chest and the hand, and after he had fallen to the ground, he was then “shot in the head under the left ear... [as all the victims were] to make sure that the men were killed.” The execution-style killings made some believe the attack was ethnically motivated by a group called “The Black Hand,” and in November of that year, one of the assailants, August Morletti, was convicted of the crime. Danielson, Smith, and Sund were sons of Finland: Danielson was born in Jeppo as Gustav Alfred Heikfolk; Smith was born in Malax, and Sund was born in Kantlaks Munsala, Finland. His grave in Lone Tree Cemetery once carried the inscription: Alfred Sund född 1898 i Kantlaks Munsala avled i Telluride Colo 1919 † 9† 10, but this inscription can no longer be read. It is published here as a memorial to these men from Finland who lost their lives far away from their loving families in the home country.

Many thanks to Anders Smedberg of Finland for details of his uncle, Alfred Sund, and the other Finns. Mr. Smedberg is writing a book about his uncle titled, “Alfred Sund: An Emigrant's Destiny”. He has provided the photo of Alfred Sund (at left below) and the funeral of the Finns in Finn Hall at Telluride (at right below) — both used with his gracious permission.

15-12-09, 01:29
Here is a link to the tomboy site. There is also mention of other Finns on this site for other mine accidents.

June Pelo
15-12-09, 01:32
Thanks. I forwarded it on to Mike - Alfred Sund was his half-great granduncle.

My father had a cousin who was a miner at Telluride and at one time he was considered one of the fastest drillers in the west. I have some pictures of his mine, but don't know which one because he had several.

15-12-09, 03:25
My great grandfather, Isaac Wiljam Fräki and son William left Hancock, Michigan to work in the Tomboy Mine. Isaac died there in 1926 from pnuemonia. He also worked in Silver Bell Mine and Smuggler mine. My great grandfather was one of the miners that tried to start a union for the miners, and was black-balled from working in all the mines in the Upper Peninsula, so he went to seek work in Colorado. The union protesters in Calumet carried signs "Mikko Must Go" (he was a secretary from the union) and August Mikko was the one that told my great grandfather to head to Colorado for work. In the Silver Bell Mine boarding house, my great grandfather is the second man seated on the front right with the moustache and his son William is on the telephone. When going to work the men went from Telluride to the Tomboy Mine by horseback or mule. After Isaac died his body was taken by train with his son William back to Michigan for burial. I've attached a few photos and a map of the location of mines in Colorado.
I found that I have to attach the rest of the images on another post.

P.S. Isaac's son William on horseback on Smuggler road.

15-12-09, 03:29
A few more images...

Denise :)

15-12-09, 03:47
One more... Sorry, next post has photo of Telluride, Colorado. I hit the send button before I attached the photo!


15-12-09, 03:50
Telluride, Colorado

15-12-09, 04:23
Never really figured out when this photo was taken of Isaac and wife Johanna Fräki, but think it may be the day my great grandfather Isaac left for Colorado and never returned alive. I think he was gone for about 13 years working in the mines of Colorado.


June Pelo
15-12-09, 17:51
Here's a picture of the "house" where my father's cousin and his wife lived in Telluride ca 1906. They survived the San Francisco earthquake, and moved to Telluride from there. His wife Alice is standing in the doorway.

15-12-09, 19:10
I have a book where Alfred Sund and his siblings etc are mentioned.