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21-12-03, 23:21
In the Talko database I found Maria Hansdotter Sandnabba b.1700 and d. 1787.

According to Talko she was married to Johan Hansson Villbacka b. 1697 and d. dec. 19th 1776.

I have an old angraf made partly before and partly after WWII. there is Maria Hansdotter Sandnabba mentioned twice with the birth and death dates as above. In both cases she was however married to Johan Hansson Siisbacka.

In one case Siisbacka's birth and death dates are like Villbacka's above and in the other case he was born 1708 and died also dec. 19th 1776.

Obviously something is wrong here, but I can't figure it out. There is of course the possibility that "Siisbacka" and "Villbacka" can look somewhat alike if the handwriting was bad in the communion book.

I have understood that my maternal great uncle who made the angraf took his data directly from the books, not from film.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

I have submitted a thread about the same problem in Swedish in the Österbotten departement in the forum.