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17-12-09, 18:56
I'm trying to determine how Britha Michelsdr died. It says she died by accident or (three following words). I've used my normal references like historismi.net, SweGGate and Google translate and a few others but am not satisfied with all the random answers. Can someone help me get an accurate translation of her death. I'd appreciate it.

17-12-09, 21:04
död af olyckshändelse eller ihjälskuten af Ryssar = died accidentally or shot to death by Russians

18-12-09, 07:13
Thanks, Eeva.

The reason it was important to verify how she died was that it just didn't seem to make sense. They lived in KARVIA, rather far from the Russians. It makes me think the person recording her death had doubts about the accident. Especially since the husband married a much younger woman the following year. It just seemed a bit suspicious. :o

18-12-09, 08:12
OK, it would help to know what time frame we are talking about. If the death really was suspicious, there must have been a process to establish the manner she died (which in any case was the usual procedure when the reason of death was unknown). In that case there are the court records about the incident and that is what you need. I the widow actually married the next year, at least he must have been declared innocent. Another thing - what was the time between the death and burial? A longer one usually indicates there was something happening in between.

18-12-09, 09:18
^ Yes, it is very important to know the year involved.

War knows no borders.

19-12-09, 01:39
I admit I have to learn more about Finnish history. Once I read about the war on Wikipedia, it is quite possible that she was shot by a Russian. I don't know why it struck me as such an odd comment at the time.

I did read in another thread that the time between death and burial indicated something was being investigated. I do have another person in my tree that was not buried for 3 months after she died. I will have to look into that.

Thanks for your comments. I have learned so much following this forum. It pays to throw your thoughts out there.

June Pelo
19-12-09, 17:45
You mentioned someone who was not buried until 3 months after death. I remember reading that during wintertime when the ground was frozen, they could not dig graves and the bodies were held somewhere until they could be buried.

19-12-09, 18:21
I heard that too, June. This person died in March. The people before and after her in the listings were buried in only a few days.

I think they did that in the UP, too.

I'm glad you mentioned it, though, in case it slipped my mind or in case others out there who live in less harsh climates wouldn't have thought of that for their own histories.

19-12-09, 20:26
Yes, that could happen, too, especially when the times were bad. But surprisingly often (= mostly) they managed to bury their dead within 10 days or so, I do not know how they did it. If there is a lot of snow, the earth does not freeze very deep, or maybe they covered the burial ground with something to stop it from freezing. But of course there often were many reasons for delay. The cemetaries were situated next to churches and the churches were far apart, like tens of miles, so it may have been impossible in the coldest period organize the transport etc.
The two most common reasons for late burial I have found, are that either there was an investigation about the cause of death and the body had first to be released by the authorities - or there was no body to bury, like when someone had drowned under the ice or got lost in the forest and were found only in the spring.

But JoanneM, I got curious. You are saying "the war". Which war?