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18-12-09, 22:48
I registered a few days ago and as I am planning to put out nets for some relatives, maybe I should first tell who I am, here comes:
Eeva Häkkinen, female, married, 3 children, 3 grandchildren, 68 years, used to work for IBM, now retired and finally have time for my favorite hobby.
Häkkinen is my married name, but my mother was born Häkkinen and I am my late father-in-laws 6th cousin once removed, so that is the family name I'm most interested in. But I am also collecting my ancestors & those of my hubby, and there are a lot of names involved. All our ancestors lived around Mikkeli in olden times, so if you have questions about the area, let me know if I can help. And now I'm going to put my query when I found the proper place - see you there!

03-08-10, 18:35
I have Väinö Henrik Häkkinen from Kiuruvesi and his children were born in Rovaniemi. I also have many Häkkilä from Kuortane, Alavus, and Toholampi. Sorry no Häkkinen from Mikkeli.

03-08-10, 22:13
Hi Eldon,
I do not know of any Häkkinen folks in Kiuruvesi, but I suppose this Väinö Henrik is of later generation (name Väinö was not used in 1700's and hardly even 1800's). Häkkinen is an old and rather common name, probably from Carelia, but most Häkkinen families have spread from the small Haukivuori parish and Häkkilä village. Haukivuori was earlier part of Pieksämäki and now is part of Mikkeli, since 2-3 years. Have you got any connection with this Väinö Henrik?

Do you happen to know Junni family in Thunder Bay? As far as I know they are still living there. We visited them while returning from San Francisco 1967. They used to be neighbors to my husbands family in Finland.