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LoriAnn Pawlik
21-12-09, 04:14
Hi friends,
I am jumping back to studying more of my Swedish-Finn side after spending some time with my Dutch side and found a new puzzle.

The names involved are Sagslampi, Sandvik, Sta(h)l, Lillrank and Kortjarvi. I need to learn how to use the dots above the letters, so sorry.

Anyway, I have seen that Johan Olofsson Sagslampi b. 1730, son of Olof Andersson Sagslampi Hastbacka and Anna Johansdr. Keurkall, married in 1751 to Karin (Carin) Nilsdotter Sandvik b. 17 Dec. 1732, daughter of Nils Hansson Sandvik Stahl and Brita Johansdotter Kortijarvi.

Now, the trouble I have is from seeing a website tonight that lists the Descendants of Anders Jonsson Lillrank from a book called Slakten Lassas i Terjarv. It lists this particular daughter of Nils and Brita as born on the same date but given the name of Malin Nilsdotter Stal.

I know the surnames were mixed with regards to the farm, but the names Karin and Malin? Were these girls perhaps twins? The book does not list any descendants from her, nor marriages, which may be because that name is incorrect. What do you think and can anyone help clarify this?

Karin (Carin)/Malin is one of my ancestral Grandmothers.
Thank you & Happy Holidays,
LoriAnn Pawlik

Jaska Sarell
21-12-09, 06:15
Seems to be an error on that website, which I found here (http://valh.sasktelwebsite.net/family/smedjebacka_tree2.html).
I guess the site author has copied Carin's birthday and Malin's name from different lines, as according to HisKi database the family had two daughters called Malin (10.6.1734-26.7.1734 and 14.5.1738-30.4.1740).

Carin: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t7948126
Malin: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t7948170
Malin: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t7948285

Though I cannot refer to the book, I believe it has listed all the children correctly, also those that are omitted on that particular site.

:) Jaska

Hasse Andtbacka
21-12-09, 08:56
Unfortunately the same error is in the Lassas book. Thank you LoriAnn for bringing this up.
Happy Holidays to you too!
Hasse A

Jaska Sarell
21-12-09, 13:22
OK, Hasse.
Just thought that the website must be in error, as there are so many misspelled names, like Kortjärvi, Döfnäs, Svartsjö, Nygård, Broända, Kaitajärvi, Björkbacka, Storbjörk, Sågfors, Björndal, Gistö, Öberg, Hästbacka, etc.
[ å replaced by aa, ä by a and ö by o :eek: ]

:) Jaska

LoriAnn Pawlik
21-12-09, 14:16
Ah, ok, thanks! So, Karin Nilsdotter Sandvik Stahl it is! She is my GGGGG-Grandmother. She married Johan Olofsson Sagslampi on 3 November 1751 in Terjarv.

We have a new computer and I do not see the character map under Accessories, so I will try to find it.

Thank you for your help,