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21-12-09, 11:19

Here is the HisKi entry of the movement from Karvia to Parkano for some of my ancestors on my paternal side.

My question is, who is Anna Greta Michelsdotter? Is she a mother in law or what?

26.9.1832 Bd. Thom. Anderss. Suomijoki Parkano
original - MUUTTONRO: 9
person: Hustr. Maria Jacobsd:r
person: Son. Johan
person: jemte dess h. Anna Greta Mich.d:r
person: D:rn Hedvig
person: son Joseph
person: son Hesechiel
person: son Olof
person: D:rn Elisabeth

Here is the moving "in" record:

30.9.1832 Ala Laatu Bd. Thomas Andersson Karvia
original - MUUTTONRO: 14
person: H:ru Maria Jacobs:dr
person: Dr: Hedvig Thomas:dr
person: S: Joseph Thomasson
person: S: Hesechiel Thomasson
person: Dr: Lisa Thomas:dr
person: S: Johan Thomasson
person: H:ru Anna Gretha Michels:dr

21-12-09, 12:37
Basically it says "and his wife" ie. the wife of Johan on the previous line

22-12-09, 08:14
Thank you Eeva.

It is now obvious when I read it the way you say!

I am silly sometimes.:o


I should have figured it out myself!

That Johan is my own Great-great-great-grandfather and Anna Kreetta is my Great-great-great-grandmother! The only "children" that are my actual direct ancestors.

Johan Tuomaanpoika SUOMIJOKI : born on 17 Dec 1810 in Karvia (Satakunta), Finland; a blacksmith
and his wife is
Anna-Kreetta MIKONTYTÄR: born on 20 May 1806 in Kihniö; died on 15 Feb 1862 in Parkano, Finland

22-12-09, 08:56
For anyone reading the above, this is a perfect example of when you MUST remember to keep both a Swedish version and a Finnish version of a name or names in your head when sifting through all of your papers.

I feel quite stupid now, because these things usually just "pop" out at me... I guess I'm slipping!:eek:

22-12-09, 09:54
Maybe it was that old fashioned word jemte that confused you, normally there should read och. Jemte could probably be translated as well as, and was very popular in the old texts. Maybe it sounded more impressive.

01-05-10, 10:58
Johan Thomasson Suomijokis b. 1810, his mother's line, grandmother, Maria Mattsdotter Mattila b. 11.2.1753 ( Karvia ?), came from Sauckokoski ancestors.

Marias parents, Matts Henriksson Mattila b. 1718 & Maria Simonsdotter Sauckokoski b. 1721 d. 27.12.1764 Karvia.

Maybe you already have them, also that we share this ancestors Sauckokoski.

These I have collected here. As is said to be a credible site.


02-05-10, 00:13

Thank you very much.

This will help fill in a bit more of that since I was stuck at my:

131. Maria Mattsdotter: born about 1753 from Mattila farm<